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Tuesday Tidbits

Another round of tidbits to share –

Only 45 hours and  6 minutes until I have the house to myself again.

Made a mammography appointment but still need to make a gynecologist appointment.

Want to take some books and things to half price books and need to take DD to get some jeans. Dreading that – it takes forever. I hate to shop for clothes!

Have lots of raspberries and tomatoes to harvest. Last night we had a raspberry peach crisp. It was so yummy. Want to get some of the tomatoes frozen and use some for pizza sauce.

Mysweet autumn clematis, sunflowers and four o’clocks are blooming like mad. Cut some sunflowers for in the house and to give to the neighbors.

Off to the mall for me to walk, DS to play and DD to do some window shopping.  Be back Friday.

Fitness Friday

Still no movement on the scale but did see a teeny, tiny move in my measurements. Still doing the pushups and situps for the challenge, unfortunately it isn’t getting any easier. Only 2 more days of the challenge. Not sure what the new routine will be.

Kiddos will be back to school next week and I can try to come up with a plan to incorporate some exercise and walk time everyday. We’ll see how it goes. I’m very good at planning but my follow through leaves a bit to be desired.

Tuesday Tidbits

Another round of random tidbits of info to share

Did some more decluttering and have a bag of stuff to be picked up. DD is getting(finally!) rid of some of her stuff and DS chipped in a few items also. Once I figure out how to update the declutter page,  I will add these items.

Took another bike ride this weekend. Rode down to the baseball game and then back. Once the rain stopped it wasn’t bad. Of course, I could have done without the argument that broke out between DH and DD.

I wanted to update my reading list but I can’t find it!?! I’m a tad upset but hopefully it will turn up soon.

That’s it for now – be back Friday with my weight update.

Fitness Friday

Well, I didn’t have any scale movement today.  I haven’t been getting a walk in this week, although I have dome some push ups and sit ups for my challenge. I’v also done a fair bit of weed pulling in the garden.

Once school starts (12 days, 17 hours and 14 minutes), I’ll be able to get back on track with the walking. I am looking forward to it. I definitely get a boost from being outside and moving around.

Tuesday Tidbits

Just a few random items I thought I’d share

I finally started the declutter list page. I put a few things on it but there are more to include.

I’m afraid to update my savings goal – DH hasn’t been getting paid and we’ve had to dip into the emergency fund. Not much saving going on here.

I’m doing another 2 week challenge. This time we have to do daily pushups and situps. It is killing me but I’m trying. I do a few at a time and then rest and do more later.

That’s it for now – I’ll be back Friday with my weight update.

Fitness Friday

Lost another pound! Hope I can keep this up. It is nice to see this type of movement on the scale. I have been walking again but I think it is the calorie counting/recording that is really helping. Also helps that there is someone in the house all the time. Hard to eat junk when someone else is around.  Went out to dinner tonight – that may make it hard to record today’s calories. We’ll see how it goes.

Fitness Friday

Finally some success. I lost one whole pound!!  I have been logging my food and exercise  information on- line and it seems to be helping. I put in my information and the computer tells me how many calories I need, hhow many I eat and how many I burn. Seeing it in black and white makes it so much easier to stay on track. Hopefully this will be just what I need to keep me going on the right track. We’ll see how it goes.

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