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Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Let’s try this again – I had a post completed last week and then lost it somehow. I’m out of practice from not writing for so long. I’m trying to become more regular with my posting but it’s not always easy.

I have become such a scatterbrain lately. Twice this month I missed an appointment – the first time I did not have it in my calendar or tickler file. Today it was in both places but I still managed to miss it. UGH!

Feeling very frustrated with the girl. She is so close to turning eighteen and thinks that she should have total control of her life. We however feel that as long as she lives at home, she needs to follow our rules. There is a lot of tension and it doesn’t look like it is going away anytime soon. She was going to move in with a friend’s family until she discovered that they had similar rules and it would be quite as free and easy as she thought. Now she wants to rent a room somewhere but really doesn’t have the money for that. Not sure what is going to happen with her.

In my last, lost in the ether post, I wrote about some gardening work I did. I have a bunch of irises and they needed to be divided and replanted. I dug up a bunch, cleaned them off, divided them, cut them back and let them sit for a bit before planting. I could/should have tried to find someone to take some of them because there were quite a lot but I didn’t. After planting a bunch of them, I got tired and ended up throwing the rest of them over the hillside. I know that will cause many gardeners to shudder in horror, but I just couldn’t handle the thoughts of trying to do anything else with them.

There was quite a bit of sunshine today and I went out and pulled three wheelbarrow loads of thistles. I keep pulling them out but they keep coming back again and again and again. Also pulled out the four clocks that got killed by the frost we had recently. Trying to clean up the dead leaves and get things ready for winter. Didn’t have much luck with the veggies this year. Need to think of something to keep the deer away.

Hope you had some sunshine and a chance to enjoy it today, until next time – have a great day.

Fitness Friday

As I posted last month, I have been struggling with a foot problem and haven’t been getting my daily walks.  My husband, at the first sign of a problem will take a pill or call the doctor but I’m more the wait and see type. Partly because I think the body has its own way of dealing with things if we let it be, partly because I hate making  phone calls and partly because I don’t want to get bad news.

So when my foot started to hurt and I couldn’t remember injuring it in any way, I just tried to take it easy for awhile. When that didn’t work and I remembered my osteopenia diagnosis, I decided to go to Urgent care(bypassing the need to call and make an appointment). They took an x-ray and nothing was broken and the diagnosis was metatarsalgia. I was advised to rest, ice my foot, take Advil and see a podiatrist if the pain continued.

After taking some time to rest and take some Advil, things improved. However, it isn’t completely better. There are still some problems that are annoying but not really painful. Or I should say hadn’t been painful. However, lately I’ve been having some knee and hip pain which I think may be caused by my attempts to avoid putting too much weight/pressure on my foot. Also the lack of daily walking out in nature hasn’t done much for my disposition and with the other things going on in my life I really need the lift I get from those walks. I think I need to bite the bullet and make a phone call.

The sunshine is calling and the garden is yelling “come out and do something” so I think I’ll close for now and try to get something – anything done outside.

Until next time- have a great day.

Tidbit Thursday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

GRR – Just spent a chunk of time typing a post only to lose it to the black hole of the internet. Hate when that happens. I finally get my act together to post something and then it disappears. Don’t have the time or energy to redo it all now but hopefully I’ll manage to get it back again soon. Right now I need to see what my son is up to – it is entirely too quiet around here. After that I need to get groceries and make dinner. I’ll try to get back on later.

So, my original post was mostly about how hard it is to admit that all those things you said you were going to do “someday” are probably not ever going to happen and how I need to make some decisions about my “someday” projects. My major area of concern right now is my yard. I have so many garden areas and they are all in need of work. There is deadheading, pruning, dividing, transplanting, harvesting, stump removal, thistle removal and lots and lots of weeding to be done.  I have more work than I have time, energy or motivation to complete. I hate the thought of paying someone to do it because it is all work that I am capable of doing. However the truth is that in my emotional state right now, it is beyond my ability to get it done and it is causing me emotional distress every time I think about it. I need to bite the bullet and get someone in to clear things out and then commit to doing regular work to keep things under control or let it go back to being a yard for my husband to mow. It hurts to admit that but it is the reality of my situation.

Off to get some work done. Until next time – have a great day everyone.

Tidbit Thursday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head and today there are a lot of them…

I make so many plans/set goals and then go completely off track at the first hiccup in the process. Then I can’t seem to roll with the flow/pick myself up and adjust to the changed circumstances. I need to get better at working my plan instead of reacting to what other people want/need/ask me to do.

For example, last week I decided to make a strong push to finish out the year and get some of my earlier goals met. But here I am – no further along than I was. I’ve struggled to get back to a schedule that would balance activities that help me complete my goals with activities that refresh and renew my spirit. Instead I’m still flitting from activity to activity, looking busy but accomplishing nothing. It is truly disappointing.

I’m also struggling with feelings of frustration and discouragement as I watch my children struggle and make choices that are different than my hopes for them. I’m trying to remember that I have done my best to instill good values but ultimately their choices are under their control not mine. A tough lesson to learn.

Autumn has arrived and I need to get moving in the garden – there are so many things I’d like to get done. I know I need to pick and choose because they can’t all get done but it is so hard to decide.

I am enjoying the sight of the stained glass panels that were finally installed. I’ve been waiting on these for almost 13 years so it is a real pleasure to finally have them.

Getting ready to start enjoying the 31 Days writings that so many bloggers will be doing this month. There are always so many great topics to explore – have to be careful not to get sucked in and spend all day reading!

I’m off to get some work done – I hope to be back again soon. Thanks for reading

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