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Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

We had two beautiful days and I was able to do some more in the garden – covered another veggie bed and cleaned up the perimeter of the yard. I was so pleased until I went out this morning and saw that the rain had caused a bunch of weeds to sprout -UGH – it just never ends.

I still haven’t updated my book list and I have no idea how many books I have read or need to read to meet my goal. It should go on my ever growing list of things to do.

I need to have a talk with my son about the proper care and handling of hamsters. He doesn’t seem to understand exactly how his actions affect his pet. I’m worried that he is going to cause her to have a nervous breakdown with all of his actions.

I have been eating way too many Milk Duds lately – they were on sale and I shouldn’t have bought them but I did.  I really need to stop doing this – it isn’t good for me on so many levels.

We are headed to my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner. Then we will see my dad and some relatives on Sunday. There will be too much food and I will probably eat way too much junk. Then I will beat myself up for doing it. I need to change my relationship with food – perhaps that is something I can work on next year. It is the time to start looking back over the year to see how I’ve done and start planning for what I’d like to do next year.

If you are getting together with family and friends for Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful time.

Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

Dad’s surgery went well – it was a rather large cataract and he had some swelling but is doing well now. Although he is upset that he still can’t drive – he hates to be dependent on my sister.

Snow today – still have some stuff to do in the garden but it will have to wait for a warmer day.

My “Thanksgiving” cactus is starting to bloom and my orchid is sending out a flower stalk – love being able to have fresh flowers in the house when it is cold out and nothing is blooming outside(although I do still have a couple of pansies that haven’t given up yet).

Hubby and DD went out for a driving lesson over the weekend. They managed to spend almost two hours without getting upset with each other which is a record here lately.

DS and I have been trying to deliver popcorn, it can be discouraging when people never seem to be home and we need to collect money so we can turn it in to the Cub Scout troop.

I finally got rid of three items I have wanted to get out of the house. I had wanted to try to sell them but I don’t know how to take digital photos and upload them to the computer. I tried to get hubby or DD to do it for me but it didn’t happen so I just went ahead and offered them for free to my neighborhood list. The train table and train sets went quickly but it took awhile to get rid of the inflatable turkey yard decoration. I’m so glad to get rid of them and now I’m searching for stuff to add to my load for VVA. I want to do that before the end of the month.

I’m trying to decide if I’m a bad parent or a good parent for taking my DD’s glasses to her at school. This is the second time it has happened. The first time I told her she should start packing her glasses so she is prepared for another incident.  Part of me thinks I should have let her suffer the consequences and the other part is annoyed that she just expected me to just drop everything and come down there. It is hard to know what is the right thing to do or perhaps I should say it is hard for me to decide and stick to my decision. Ugh!

Now I’m off to get some quiet time before everyone gets home.


Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts running around in my head…

It is a beautiful day and I did some work in the garden, still lots to do but I’m getting some areas completed at last.

Hoping that all is going well with my Dad – he is having cataract surgery this afternoon. So glad my sister is able to be with him. Keeping them and the surgical staff in my prayers.

Yesterday was my DD’s 17th birthday – it made me realize that we have just under 2 years of living together under the same roof. Sometimes that thought makes me sad and yet at other times, I can’t wait for our time to end.

I’ve been reading lots of blogs lately – last month was the annual 31 Days event where lots of bloggers write for 31 days on one topic. There are tons of great writers out there and I enjoy checking them out. However, sometimes it can be discouraging when I start to compare myself because I don’t fare very well when I do that. It is so easy for me to see the negative and get so caught up with that view that I skip over the positives that are here. It’s something I have to watch out for.

Have you read any of the 31 Day blogs? Were there any that you thought were really good?

Fitness Friday

Well, it has been quite awhile since I updated my progress. My original goals were twofold – a minimum goal and a stretch goal for 2 areas –  steps and swimming.

I really enjoy walking and thought that this would be a rewarding adventure. The chance to see my step count climb while spending time in nature seemed like a win/win situation and this has been the cases. For steps, my minimum goal was 3,650,000 steps for the year or an average of 10,ooo steps per day. My stretch goal was 5,000,000 steps for the year or an average of 13,700 steps per day. I’ve had my ups and downs with this goal but I have already met my minimum goal.  I am currently at 4,209,349 steps with 55 days to go. That works out to 14,376 steps per day. I’m worried about holiday events and bad weather keeping me from hitting the goal. I need to stay on top of things and try to build in some cushion for those times but I’m fairly confident that I can meet the goal.

I also enjoy swimming and thought that it would be a good way to get in some more physical activity. For swimming, my minimum goal was 26,000 meters and my stretch goal was 52,000 meters. I am not anywhere close to the minimum let alone the stretch goal. I have swum 3200 meters so far this year. I’ve been trying to figure out what the problem is and I’ve come up with several factors. First, it is a struggle for me to get  myself to the pool – I resent the amount of “extra” time that is involved in getting there. Second, I feel  as if I’m being judged by the others at the pool and come up lacking because of my skills – intellectually I know this isn’t true but still it lingers in my head. Third, I like to swim but I don’t like feeling like I have to do so many laps in a certain time or do them faster than I did before which is the feeling I get every time my hubby asks how it went at the pool.

I think the biggest problem is that this is not really a goal for me but one I made  for my hubby. He thinks I need to do more physical activity – to stay healthy, to lose weight and to tone up. I’m fairly happy with myself but agree that there is room for improvement. However, I do resent the focus on my weight and I feel like my body has betrayed me. I know it is partly  due to the normal aging process but I  miss  the days when I could eat anything(and everything), not exercise and stay thin. I’m still adjusting to my new normal and it isn’t easy. It doesn’t help that I’m not really athletic and I haven’t found a type of activity that I enjoy and want to do on a regular basis.  At this point, knowing that I’m not going to come anywhere close to the goal, I don’t have any motivation to go at all.

I guess that’s it for now. How are your fitness goals coming? What do you do for fitness? I’m looking for suggestions for something to try, so let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

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