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Tuesday Tidbits

Another round of random tidbits of info to share

Did some more decluttering and have a bag of stuff to be picked up. DD is getting(finally!) rid of some of her stuff and DS chipped in a few items also. Once I figure out how to update the declutter page,  I will add these items.

Took another bike ride this weekend. Rode down to the baseball game and then back. Once the rain stopped it wasn’t bad. Of course, I could have done without the argument that broke out between DH and DD.

I wanted to update my reading list but I can’t find it!?! I’m a tad upset but hopefully it will turn up soon.

That’s it for now – be back Friday with my weight update.

Comments on: "Tuesday Tidbits" (2)

  1. Where is the declutter page? On your blog?

    Did you feel the quake wave this afternoon? It made me wonder if, had there had been a real quake and things got destroyed/damaged, how much of the stuff would have been valuable and how much would have been junk.

  2. It is at the top right hand side of the blog page.

    I didn’t feel the quake although DH and DD did. I’m afraid mine would have been mostly junk.

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