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Fitness Friday

A teeny, tiny change on the scale. I now need to lose 9 pounds to reach my weight goal. That is a pound and a half each month or a third of a pound each week. If I get serious about things, I should be able to do it. It really is a small goal that should be easily achieved.

I’m looking for a way to monitor/record my daily information. I think that will help me to see where I goof up and how to get back into the riight groove. I’ve seen several things on line and some paper/pencil options. Not sure what would work best for me.

Didn’t get a pedometer yet. Need to put that on the list and get it done! Did walk 3 times this week at a cemetary near where the kids went to VBS. I think it was about 2 miles each day. Need to do it daily – make it a habit and don’t skip it.

Fitness Friday

Another week without any scale movement. This was actually good because I was anticipating an increase. Really need to get another pedometer, without it I’m just not as conscious about getting in a lot of walking.¬† Need to do less eating of junk food – actually need to do less buying so it isn’t here to be eaten.

School is over and I need to get the kids ona schedule and spend some time outside walking, biking , swimming or whatever to move around and get some exercise. Would like to see the scale go back down again.

Fitness Friday

I got very discouraged a few weeks back – I had my best week of walking and thought I would lose some weight but I gained weight. I didn’t feel like reporting that¬† and before you know it several weeks have gone by with no updates.

I will once again climb back onto the wagon and start working. I lost my pedometer so I haven’t been able to keep track of my steps. Still, I know I need to do more that I have been.

I can report that I did lose what I hadd gained and now need to lose 9.2 pounds. I’m at my lowest weight for the year so far. Now to keep it going down. I am trying to write down everything I eat, so I can get an idea of how many calories I am actually eating everyday. It isn’t easy but I’ll do my best.

I’m also trying to get back to doing the ab exercise on a daily basis and yoga at least once a week. We’ll see how it goes.

That’s it for now.

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