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Sabotage and/or Diet

I’ve been listening to some speakers lately and two have really impacted me. The first one talked about how and why we sabotage ourselves as we try to improve our lives. There was a lot of information to digest and I could definitely see myself in what she said.

In fact, just recently I did something that I know I shouldn’t do but I was sure this time would be different. I bought a bag of Hershey Kisses and told myself that I would just eat one serving and the bag would last at least for a week. Of course that did not happen and I ended up eating the entire bag in three days. I know I do not have much(if any) willpower and I should not even bring that kind of stuff home.

The second speaker spoke about diets and how they often fail. Part of the problem is they ask you to give up favorite foods and that is hard to do over the long term. She also discussed how we have lost the ability to recognize our hunger and our fullness. We eat too often and too much food. Lots of stuff for me to think about and put into action.

This may be the next step to take in my health journey – something around my food choices. Have to think about it a bit.

One Word Update

I’m definitely not one of those people who can develop a new habit in 21 days. I’ve set two goals in regards to my one word -HEALTH- so far this year and I’ve needed more time to come even close to making them habits.

I am doing fairly well with my sleep routines. I’m doing very well with my bedtime routine and getting to bed on time but mornings are still rough. I’m continuing to try to get better and not beat myself up over the mess ups.

The water drinking has been more problematic. I got off to an okay start but then we went away for a few days and after that I got sick. I am up to at least 50 ounces a day but struggle to get past that. I’m still plugging away and hope to be at 64 by the end of the month. I need to work reminders into my daily schedule so that I reach for water on a regular basis and so that I think about trying a glass of water before I try a snack to fill me up.

Have you been working on your health or a one word goal of your own? I’d love to hear about your progress.

Progress Report

I am still itching to get out in the garden. I have dug a hole for my rose but am still waiting for it to warm up a bit before I plant it. It looks like we should have some warmer weather coming through and maybe I’ll be able to plant next week. I sure hope so.

I have gotten some work done with my finances and my taxes. Not finished but I’ve made a good start and will keep plugging away at it.

DS gt way too much candy at the Easter Egg hunt and I have been nibbling. I just cannot avoid it if it is here. I try but eventually give in. It has to be out of my reach-if I know where it is, I’ll be eating it.

With the increased sunshine, I have been outside a bit more so I’m moving a least a little bit more each day.

Hope you are enjoying some nice sunny spring weather wherever you are.

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