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Fitness Friday

Okay, I haven’t done one of these for awhile. Let me think about what I’ve done lately. I stepped away from the constant monitoring and worrying about weight gain/loss and haven’t been doing any regularly scheduled stuff.  Then there was the summer of Lyme Disease. As I got my energy back, I started doing some yoga and very minimal body weight type exercises.

Then we joined a gym and I started swimming. I have been enjoying the swims – I’m up to a total of 500 meters in 30 minutes. Right now I just go once across the pool(25 meters) then rest before doing it again. I’d like to start going for 50 meters/rest and see how I do. I  haven’t been lately so I may need to stick with the old stuff before trying this new idea. Although I have a tendency to not push myself so maybe I should try to do the new goal. I need to  serious about getting there at least once a week – I do feel good once I’m done but it is a struggle some days to get there.

I did get down to my goal weight but it has gone up again with the holiday related eating. I’m not stressing about it but I am trying to not going overboard with eating treats. I need to practice moderation. I will never be able to completely give up sweets but I can choose to limit myself and truly enjoy what I do choose to eat.

I am thinking about trying to do the 5 million step challenge again. Walking is relaxation, meditation, exercise and a form of self-care for me and I have missed it.  I have actually been researching the Fitbit as a tool to help me reach that goal.  Hopefully it will work better than the pedometers I’ve used in the past.

I need to head out to do some Christmas shopping so I’ll close for now. Have a great day.

One Word – Health Part 2

Once I got the diagnosis I went on antibiotics and a probiotic. I  still didn’t have much of an appetite and was having a hard time having enough energy to do more than the basics each day. One bright spot was that I wasn’t really missing the sugar/chocolate and I had been sure that was going to be a big problem for me. I lost a ton of weight –  not eating will do that for you. In fact I was able to get down to my goal weight but unfortunately I didn’t stay there.

On the follow up visit with the doctor I learned that I have some food sensitivities most notably peanut and whey.  To a lesser degree I showed some sensitivity to eggs and milk products. I had a severe candida problem and some heavy metals in my system.  I was advised to add back in oranges, soy and corn and see how I did with them. I also got a prescription for natural thyroid meds, a Vitamin D supplement and some stuff help rebuild my stomach.

I had a period of feeling loads better – in fact I couldn’t remember feeling so energetic and pleased with life. I started doing some exercising – nothing hard core but more than I had done in a long time. I even joined a club and started swimming. It was amazing but I have started to slip lately. I’m having trouble sticking to my diet. It started with an event for church. We were asked to make cookies and DS wanted to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I told myself I would just have one but of course that didn’t work. Then later in the week was Halloween and I was tempted again. I ate way too much chocolate and I’m still having trouble with cravings. Some days it just feels like a constant struggle, I get discouraged and then I’m falling off the wagon and then beating myself up about it. It’s a cycle I can’t seem to break out of.

It doesn’t help that I’m having relationship struggles as well. A lot of it is typical age related stuff with my kids but it is just wearing me down. My DH and I  aren’t always on the same page about how to deal with it and that adds another layer of stress to the mix. Some days I can stay positive and not dwell on it but other days it just seems overwhelming and I doubt everything I do/say/think. I just want to crawl into a hole and hide away. I keep trying to remember that these things will pass but it isn’t always easy.

Fitness Failure

I am a failure at fitness. I have not made progress in my attempts to do something – anything on a regular basis. I have been pondering this for quite awhile but not coming up with any real answers.

Yesterday I listened to someone talking about how to get anything you want. She mentioned the words we use and how they cause us to move or not move towards our goals. Saying “I can’t…” usually really means “I won’t…” or “I don’t…” We need to really examine our thoughts to see what is driving them.

Later on, I was talking with my son about a poor choice he had made. He said “Why do I always want to do the wrong thing?” It made me think about my struggles and I told him that everyone has choices to make and no one always makes the right choice but we need to recognize and learn from our poor choices.

Thinking about those two incidents brings me to the realization that I don’t have the desire to make losing weight a priority right now. I know all the reasons I should and I agree with most of them but it is not a priority for me right now. Right now I am struggling with getting the minimum done each day and then tackling my backlog of tasks. Not having to pay late fines is more important than losing a pound or 2 or more.

I am stepping away form the scale and the pedometer and taking some time to focus on taking of some financial and housekeeping items and maybe I’ll get back to adding fitness in a few weeks when it is a bit warmer and I can get outside to do some things.

This and That

Wow, I haven’t been keeping up with my fitness posts. Here’s a recap of the various things I have been working on this year.

5 million step challenge – as of 11/19 I have  gone  4,113,076  steps. I have  886,924 steps to go. With 42 days to go that means I need to average 21,118 steps everyday. A very tall order but I’m trying to do as much as I can.

100 day challenge  –  as of 11/19      in bed by 10 pm  39/58      15,000 steps  42/58              less than 1800 calories   27/58    exercise   14/24      pounds to lose   6.8    Definitely need to do better during this last half of the challenge. Will be tough with the holidays and get-togethers but I need to do my best.

I was able to do quite a bit in my garden. There is still stuff that could be done but the essentials are done. Now it is time to do some dreaming and planning for next spring.

The organizing and decluttering is going well. I made over $20 by selling some kid clothing and some books. Things are slowly getting sorted through and rooms are looking better.

I think that is about it for now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts running around in my head today…

Still need to finish up in the garden. Had a beautiful weekend and got some but not all of the work done.

Was the girl’s birthday  and she was very pleased with her gifts and the activities she had over the weekend.

I have (yet again) fallen off the wagon and need to get back up and on again. Maybe I just need to find another wagon??  Have lost some weight and done some decluttering/organizing but have not been consistent in my efforts. Definitely need to be more intentional with the holidays coming up.

Guess that’s it for today – hope to be back again soon with a report on some progress.

Fitness Friday

Here is my latest update for the 100 Day Challenge

getting to bed by 10 pm  15 out of 26

taking at least 15,000 steps   17 out of 26

Zumba class  3 out of 3

exercise  5 out of 9

less than `1800 calories   9 out of 15

pounds to lose   8.8

average daily steps   16,889

I have been increasing my walks which is helping my step counts. I had 2 slip up days with my calorie counting. One was just a few calories over but the other one was a major fall off the wagon. I do not have will power and I should not buy candy with the thought that I will ration it out over a period of time. I can only buy what I want to eat at the moment. Now to try to remember that when I am at the store!!

Only one late night this week but also only one exercise session. Want to do better this next week in both of those categories.

Very pleased with my weight loss. Hope to keep the streak going and hit 3 weeks in a row. We’ll see how it goes.

What have you done to get fit lately?

Fitness Friday

I’m going to try to get back into the 100 day challenge. I started off strong but didn’t see progress, got frustrated and ended up not doing things for awhile. Now I’ve been given a proposition that I’m not really eager to accept.  I need to get my weight down  so I can stick with my solitary pursuit of better health and fitness.

Here is the update on my 100 day challenges —

getting to bed by 10 pm  9 out of 19

taking at least 15,000 steps   12 out of 19

Zumba class  2 out of 2

exercise  4 out of 6

less than `1800 calories   4 out of 8

pounds to lose   9.6

average daily steps   14,937

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose  9.2

average daily steps  7922

as of August 31st, I have walked 2,762,900 steps. I am halfway to my goal and have a third of the year left to try to get to 5 million.

I was a bit worried about the Zumba class last night. I am not a very coordinated or rhythmic person and I worried that I wouldn’t be able to follow the instructions. Overall, I did pretty good. There were a few rough spots but mostly I was able to keep up. There was a lot of sweating and a lot of water drinking going on. She gave us several breaks and encouraged everyone to drink up.  This will be an eight week session and hopefully I’ll improve as the time goes on.

Have you tried Zumba? What did you think about it? I love to hear your experiences with it.

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose  9.4

average daily  steps  7248

Knee is feeling better – need to start doing some more walking and try to do some kind of exercise.

I am not yet  halfway to my goal. I have  a total of  2,446,352  steps so far this year. I need to average over 16,900 steps per day to reach my goal of 5 million. That will be tough but I’m going to try to get as close as I can.

Have a great weekend.

Combo Post

We finally got some much needed rain the past few days. It was great for the garden but it really did a number on our internet service. I wasn’t able to get online the past few days. So here is a quick update on my latest activities.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday – still working on the playroom. DD decided she wanted the bookcase for her room so I need to find something else to use in the playroom. I have two options to try and hopefully one of them will work. Still have some stuff to sort through and decide where it will go.

Fitness Friday –  I heard from the doctor – the xray showed that there is no fracture but there is some calcification and arthritis in the knee area. She said to take it easy for another couple of weeks and then start back slowly with the exercising and to gradually build up. If I’m still having pain, I may go to physical therapy to learn some ways to strengthen the area.

pounds to lose   10.6

last week’s daily average   3964 steps

Definitely will need to pick up the pace if I’m going to make it to 5 million steps by the end of the year.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

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