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Pumpkin, Ornament, Flamecicle ???

I received a course schedule from the local Glass Center. This may be the year that I try a few things there. They offer a variety of classes in each medium. I need to think about my schedule and pin down some dates. It would be nice to complete at least one goal before this year is up.

Goal – $250,000

So far, I haven’t written about my savings goal.  The goal is $250,000 in savings by the time I’m 60. I know there should be a lot more in there but it doesn’t seem likely to happen. We have spent and will continue to spend quite a bit on our house. We made the decision to have a large space and we are trying to use it to the best of our ability. We continue to add fruits and vegetables which saves some money at the grocery store.

Anyway, we have $114508.12 in various retirement accounts and $6042.28 in our emergency fund. I need/want to put more in both but it is a struggle. That means we are almost half way to the goal – as long as the stock market doesn’t crash, everyone stays healthy, there are no major disasters, etc. Need to think positive!

I can’t count on interest or growth and can only hope for no losses. With that in mind, to reach the goal we would need to invest $11364 each year. A rather huge sum – in fact it seems unattainable, but I still need to try.

 I try to save money in a variety of ways but I think I need to find a way to make money. I’ve read a few books about starting a home business but they weren’t really helpful. I don’t have an idea for a product to sell, I’m not talented enough to make and sell crafts and I really don’t want to go back to working for someone else. I like choosing when and how much work to do. Will need to keep thinking, reading and observing to find something that might work for me.

29 down, 1471 to go

Just a quick update on my progress. I’ve been trying to read a little bit everyday and I’m slowly making my way through my piles. Yes, I have sorted them into piles. I’ve got a bunch of fiction, mostly mystery. Then I’ve got the non-fiction piles–health, business, parenting, self-improvement and spirituality.

  I’ve decided to work on what I have here at home for the rest of the month. I’m going to take a break from the library and try to get through some of the books my dad gave me. I want to finish them up because my aunts are waiting on them. We are passing around mysteries that are based on the “Murder She Wrote” tv series. They are enjoyable and can be finished quickly.


I just spent some time looking at my sister’s quilting blog. She has made so many quilted items over the past few years. If she can do that while  taking care of the house , 2/3 kids and working almost full-time, then I should be able to get at least one quilt done in the near future.

The kids will be home for the summer soon. I want to be a good role model so I’m going to need to set and keep limits on my computer time. What better way to fill my time than to get back to work on one of the quilts I’ve started? Now if I can just find everything and get some motivation to get started.

Galapagos Update

I was planning that the trip to the Galapagos Islands would be the culminating activity for my 6 by sixty goals.  I have wanted to go for quite some time but wanted to be able to take my time and see as much as I could. That meant saving enough money and being able to take the time to do it. 

A friend(thanks, J) gave me a recent article from Time Magazine that has me wondering about my plans. The article discusses the problems the area is having because of the effects of tourism and population growth. The article has me wondering if  I should move my trip up or consider not taking it.

I don’t  know if I could move it up too much. Cost is a factor and also family demands would have  to be considered also. I think it could be a great family experience but I’m not sure anyone else would want to go. Of course, if it was a family experience that would increase the cost.

But, should I even go, knowing that things are deteriorating? Should I be content with just reading about the area and perhaps watching documentaries? Are there even any documentaries out there?? I guess I need to do some research and discuss things with my family before I make any decisions. I’ll have to take some time and think things over.

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