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I’ve been reading about decluttering and think I’m going to give it a try again. One of the blogs I’ve been reading, 365lessthings.com, chronicles a year in which the writer got rid of one thing each day. I tried that once before and I think I’m ready to do it again. She managed to sell quite a bit of her things and that could be helpful to my savings quest. 

I don’t have a lot of stuff that I can sell but I might be able to round up a few things. Even if I don’t make a lot of money it would be good to be rid of some of the stuff that is taking up time and space. In fact I just might force encourage my children and spouse to do it along with me. Not one item everyday for them but maybe a numerical goal for each of them. I’m thinking of doing it over summer break. My boy coulddo one a week and my girl could do at least one a day – would love to see her do more. I have a few weeks to plan my strategy and introduce the idea.

Fitness Friday

I am getting frustrated because I can’t seem to move the scale and I’m not seeing  progress. I should be glad that the scale hasn’t moved since I have been eating a lot lately. I seem to be constantly thinking about food and it is difficult not to eat all day long.

I did manage to meet the goals I set last week. I walked an average of 11836 steps and managed to eat more fruit and veggies. It helps that berries are coming in season now and are much more available and affordable.

I need to get in some kind of exercise along with my walking. I can’t do too much right now because I am recovering from a fall I had earlier in the week. I was goofing around with my son and we fell on the sidewalk. I tried to avoid landing on him and ended up banging up my knee, elbow and hand. They are definitely colorful now. I think I may have pulled/strained something in the one arm because it is definitely painful to move it in certain ways. Hopefully they will heal soon and I can start to do something along with the walking.

Fitness Friday

I averaged 11061 steps a day this week. The scale remained the same. I need to get consistent in my efforts to get in shape. I keep trying different things but I don’t think I stick with anything long enough for it to really make a difference.

I need to scale back my plans and focus on small steps that I can commit to doing regularly and then build upon those.  For the rest of this month  my goals are to walk an average of 11000 steps per day and to eat a fruit or vegetable for every meal and at least one snack per day.

Hopefully the weather will improve soon and I will be able to do some more stuff outside. We’ll see, the last weather report I saw had rain for the next 7 days!   yuck!

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