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Tuesday Tidbits

Another installment of the random thoughts running around in my head…

I love snow but I’ve just about had enough this year. It wasn’t much this morning but it did cover the sidewalks and roads which led to several accidents and an hour trip to the accountant’s office.

Finally got the business tax information collected and into the hands of the accountant. Next up is all the personal stuff – ugh. It doesn’t really take that long but I dread the process and end up prolonging my agony by putting it off day after day after day.

I think that I have decided to go to Israel with a group from my church. I was hoping the whole family would go – it is a wonderful educational opportunity that may not come again. However it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I was feeling like I should stay home to keep things running smoothly but I’ve decided that the kids are old enough to help out and take care of things while I’m gone. Now to see if there is still room on the tour. It would be just my luck that the trip would be already filled to capacity.

Took the kids to see my dad while he was nearby visiting with his sister and her husband. It is so nice to spend time with them – I should do it more often. We definitely spent more time with my relatives when I was a child then my kids do now. I think they are missing out on some good things but everyone is so busy these days and we are so spread out. It just isn’t as easy to get together any more.

Need to make some dinner plans/preparations,  so I’ll close for today. Hope you have a great day


Fitness Friday

A semi-regular feature where I update my fitness goals for the year and see how close I am to reaching my goals. I have 2 major goals for this year. Each goal has a minimum and a stretch amount to reach.


Steps – minimum = 3,650,000    stretch  = 5,000,000


Swimming – minimum = 26,000 meters   stretch = 52,000 meters


As of February 20th, I have taken 644,186 steps. I am easily meeting my 10,000 per day minimum step count but am short of my 13,700 per day stretch step goal.  I have improved over January when my daily average was 11,934 steps to 13709 steps so far in February.

I am way behind with swimming as I have only made it one time this month and that day was cut short.  Hopefully the pool filter will be repaired and I can get at least one more session in next week. I am at 1250 meters for the year.

Hope you are doing better with your fitness goals so far this year.



Tuesday Tidbits

Another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

This feels like a repeat of last week – another snow day and I’m really off my game. Yesterday was so promising – worked in the loft, did some cleaning and got my routines done but today was not good at all.

The boy is driving me crazy – too much energy and nothing I suggest is any fun. The morning was filled with lots of yelling and tears-luckily that was him not me – I actually managed to keep my cool for a change. Since then he has mopped my floors with couch cushions, bounced off every wall and annoyed his sister almost hourly.

The girl just told me that she turned down an offer from a friend to ” have sex and get the whole virgin thing over and done with” – ugh, not a conversation I wanted to have today or quite frankly any day. She wanted to know how I dealt with this when I was in high school and I had to tell her that it wasn’t very common back in the dark ages when I was in high school. It seems several of her crowd have lost their virginity this year and the rest are wondering what to do about it.

Finally got up the gumption to go swimming only to discover that the pool is closed due to a filter problem. Definitely will need to make up some laps next month. I need to get on a regular schedule and just go when I say I will. I could make a date with the hubby to go but I like being on my own and just enjoying myself in the water. I don’t really want to share that time with anyone.

Tuesday Tidbits

Another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

I have been having a very hard time sticking to any kind of schedule so far this year. The weather continues to wreak havoc with my attempts to get into any kind of routine. It is hard to get up the energy to take walks in the bitter cold and I definitely don’t feel like going to the pool. The one day I did manage to get myself there, the water was cold – some sort of problem with the heating system and I haven’t wanted to go back since.

I have been spending time in my loft space – trying to get it fixed up but mostly I’ve been doing anything but work on the stuff that needs put away.

Wishing I had some more motivation/willpower/discipline/desire, anything that would help me to get a bit more done. I don’t think I’m slipping back into a depression – my mood is still okay but the energy is gone and I can’t seem to get myself moving most days.

Enjoying reading a series from a fellow WordPresser – A Plant A Day Till Spring- have been loving the pictures, poetry and information http://chriscondello.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/a-plant-a-day-till-spring-day-54-tansy/

Did get a gardening catalog with a birdbath/fountain that I am thinking about getting for the garden but I’m struggling with the decision. On the one hand we already have a birdbath so why spend money on another one? However, the one we have is old, needs cleaned/painted and is just blah. I would enjoy looking at the new one but  is it worth spending that much money when there are things that we actually need? On the other hand, I would get enjoyment from it and might spend more time weeding and getting garden tasks done. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

How about you dear readers – do you struggle with spending money on decorative items? I’m curious to know what you think.

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