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Fitness Friday

Still no movement on the scale and I am wondering if it is even working correctly. You would think that in a month I would have had some change. I mean, the scale measures to the tenth of a pound – surely I’ve gone up or down that much. Guess I need to reread the directions and see if I’m missing something.

Tomorrow is a new month and a chance to start again. I am going to make more of an effort to do some exercising and walking everyday.  I might even try to set up the Wii Fit program that has been sitting around for the last oh maybe 21 months or so!

This weekend is supposed to be rainy and unseasonably cool. That will definitely not help my plans. I may just have to use the stationary bike to get my exercise in.

talk to you next week

Tuesday Tidbits

Less than 100 days until I turn 50. Really want to get my weight down. I need to get serious about this.

First month of school is almost over and we are settling into a routine.  Kiddos seem to be happier about school this year. Hope it lasts.

Trying to get out to do some stuff in the garden but it is slow going. Hopefully I will able to get some transplanting done soon. I ordered some bulbs that will need planting once they get here. Things are beginning to shape up.

Need to take a look at finances and see where we are in terms of saving for yearly bills, retirement, emergency fund and college funds.  I know we are not near where I would like us to be. Need to find a way to get some more income. Maybe I should look for a part-time job. Hate the thought of trying to come up with a resume and cover letter after not working for 14 years.

Got to get something going for dinner. Be back again Friday.

Fitness Friday

Still no movement on the scale – it is very frustrating. I walked twice with J from church along with walking DS to and from the bus most days. Did do a few plank exercises but nothing else this week. 

 Why is it so hard to exercise??  I know all the benefits and yet I still can’t seem to bring myself to actually do it.  I wish there was some type of exercise that I really enjoyed, that would maybe make it easier to get moving. I do like to swim if the water is warm but most pools are not heated.

Off to find a birthday present – party tomorrow for one of DS’s friends.

Fitness Friday

No movement on the scale today. Did take a lovely walk with a friend and a bike ride with my hubby this week but not much else. Need to get more intense with my working out.

  I think I need to go back to tracking what I eat. That seemed to help me do a bit better.  Wish it wasn’t so hard to give up eating goodies. I try not to keep any in the house but I end up going to the store and buying some anyway.

Tuesday Tidbits

Today has been Tomato Tuesday.  I roasted some tomatoes and made sauce. Then I froze some to use in soups and chili this winter. The Romas are really producing but the beefsteaks are not doing well aat all.  I cut up a few and added them to some ground meat and onions for taco filling for dinner tonight.  I still have more to harvest later this week.

I was able to do some work in the garden over the weekend. There is so much more to do. It will take a lot of work to get it all done.  Need to make a decision about the orchard. One of the apple trees died and the pear and the plum didn’t have any mature fruit.

I have a few more items to add to the declutter list.  Won’t get to it today but hopefully I’ll get it done this week.

I did find my reading  list and I’ll get it entered sometime soon. I’ve got 90 titles to list.

See you Friday with a weigh in and hopefully some good news.

Friday Fitness

Well it happened this week – the scale went up –  just over a pound gained. I suppose it could have been worse.   I am really having trouble staying committed to a diet or an exercise plan. Not sure what the next step will be but I need to find a way to stick with something. Didn’t try any of the videos this week, maybe next week. I did do a lot of running around this week and should be able to stay home a bit more next week.

Hope to be back next week with a better report.

Friday Fitness – a day late

Didn’t get a chance to do this yesterday – too much running around.

The scale is still not moving! I am actually not too upset because I was afraid it would have gone up. I have been so hungry lately, can’t seem to stop nibbling on anything and everything in sight.

Have been walking  when I dropoff and pick up DS from the bus.  Also decided to go through the various exercise videos/DVDs and try them out at least once a week. I did the boot camp segment of the 10 minute solutions , or I suppose I should say I attempted to do it. I am not good at picking up on the various steps when she starts speeding up or adding more to the sequence. Hopefully I’ll get better in time.  Will try a different segment next time.

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