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Savings Update

¬† There is now $115,737.98 in our retirement accounts. That is an increase of $1229.86 since June. Our emergency fund is up to $10,648.06. That is an increase of $4605.78. So all together that is an increase of $5,835.64 which puts me over the halfway mark for my goal for the year. Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be too much more put into these accounts by the end of the year. Hopefully the stock market will continue to improve and help me that way.

 Still need to get a few more CDs funded so that I have one for each month of the year.

Also need to think about my bank accounts. I have several and it may be time to consolidate. It would be so much easier if one bank would offer everything I want but that isn’t the case as of now. Need to think about it and come to a decision. But not now – the sun is shining and the garden is calling.

Savings update coming soon

I know I said I was going to do this right before I stopped posting for the summer and now it’s time again. I am starting to get my quarterly reports from our various investments. Once I get them all I will enter the information here. So far it is looking better than last quarter. The reports I’ve received so far show some gains. We’ll see how it all pans out in a week or so.

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