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Fitness Friday

Average steps this week – 14,723     weight  up 1.6 lbs

Is anyone else getting tired of  my weight yoyo?? I am so frustrated with my inability to stay focused and move forward on this journey.  It seems like every other week I am revealing another gain. I can not seem to conquer this thing.

I know that part of it has to do with my motivation. My original motivation was to get healthy but that was soon joined by a desire to please my DH. He wanted me to get back to my pre-child body because he did not find the after child body as attractive.  I was really hurt by that admission and it has truly messed with my thoughts and actions.

Part of me is upset that my shape is that important to him but part of me understands that visual stimuli is very important to most men. I  go back and forth between being angry with his comments and trying to see it from the male point of view. There are a lot of other emotions around the issue and it is making it very hard for me to make progress.

I should just forget about that and concentrate on the other reasons I have for losing the weight – to be healthy, to improve my quality of life, to be an example for my children and to strengthen my opportunity to live a fulfilling life for as long as I am able. Why is that so hard??

Enough of this – I need to go do something and get my mind off of this. Have a great weekend everyone.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

 Here were my tasks for last week

1.  Exercise for 15 minutes – done,  have been doing a yoga sequence(sun salutation) every morning and went for my first bike ride of the year

2.  Work at least 5 hours in the garden – didn’t make it due to rain , freezing temps and soggy soil, did get some stuff done but it wasn’t five hours worth

3.  Wash the winter coats and put them away – we were supposed to get snow but it passed us by, we did however have near freezing temps and I didn’t get  things put away

I am going to keep the same three tasks for next week and hope to get them all checked off.

What did you accomplish last week?

Tidbit Tuesday

Here is a sample of what is floating around my head today…

The weather has been so unusual this year. Just came in from uncovering my berries and veggies – we didn’t get the snow that was forecasted. I’m enjoying the irises I cut – I didn’t want to lose the blooms, so I brought them in and put them in vases around the house.

I broke a tooth yesterday when I bit into my egg salad sandwich. I have some very old fillings that are now causing me problems. Luckily, the dentist bonded some plastic to it and I’ll go back later and get a crown.

Thankfully the dog bite is improving – the bruising is gone and there are just 2 small scabs.although there does seem to be a hard lump under the skin in 3 spots. I’m . Y not sure what they are. You can’t see anything but I can feel it when I touch the area.

Need to transplant DH’s lemon trees and hopefully it will warm up enough to start putting them outside.

Have to take DD to the eye doctor today. She wants to get contacts but she can’t stomach touching her eyes. We’ll see what they say.

Need to get stuff together for DS’s birthday. It is coming up fast and I haven’t done much yet.

Have a great day

Fitness Friday

I finally lost some weight!! I now need to lose 6.2 pounds to hit my goal.

I didn’t walk as much last week – only averaged around 12,800 steps. Need to get that number back up if I am going to hit my target of 5 million.

There is a waiting list for boot camp so I won’t be able to start until late June. I’ll need to find something else to do until then. I don’t want to lose momentum – I want that scale number to keep moving down. We’ll see how it goes. I’m going to look through the exercise videos and see if I can find one I’m willing to try.

Do you have a favorite exercise video? I’d love to hear what you do for exercise.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

I got the tax information to the accountant and am so relieved to have it out of my hands. Other than that there hasn’t been much accomplished around here this past week.  Here are my tasks for next week

1.  Exercise for 15 minutes

2.  Work at least 5 hours in the garden

3.  Wash the winter coats and put them away

What are your tasks for this week? Anyone else putting away their winter stuff?

Tidbit Tuesday

Here we go again with a random stream of thoughts …

So happy to have the tax information out of my hands and into the accountants.

The dog bite is infected and now instead of 2 horse pills a day I am taking 4, ugh.

I do not miss the teen years and wish I could miss DD’s.  The drama is just too much for me at this point in my life.

I would like to get out and work in the garden but I haven’t had time or energy.

Didn’t sleep well last night and am feeling blah. I took a nap earlier but it doesn’t seem to have done much good.

Need to do some laundry and some picking up before everyone else gets home.

Have a great day.

Fitness Friday

Still the same weight, walked an average of 15,000 daily but didn’t do much exercising.

I’m thinking about going to a fitness bootcamp to see if it can help me to get the scale moving down. I need someone to make me work because I’m not doing well on my own. Hopefully after 6 weeks of daily workouts I will be more likely to continue doing something.


Tidbit Thursday

I know it is supposed to be Ta Da/To Do Thursday but the past two days have been a bit hectic and I’m going with a tidbit post today. So here are the latest thoughts crowding my head…

Ran to 3 different stores on Tuesday to get some egg custard pie for my grandma-in-law. She turned 96 and I wanted her to have something she enjoyed for her birthday.Wish she wasn’t in pain and was able to do more for herself.

After that I went out to lunch with a friend and then we went to give blood. I gave blood frequently when I was in college but had gotten away from doing it. I’m trying to give regularly – it’s a small way to help out my community.

I’m wondering what I could/should have done differently yesterday. I got bit by a dog, first time it had ever happened to me. It didn’t seem too bad but the owner of the dog is a nurse and she said I should have it checked out. They gave me a stitch and some antibiotics. Now I just have to hope I don’t end up with a yeast infection.

It has been cold/freezing at night and I’m hoping it won’t cause too much damage to the veggie seeds. I guess we will find out soon enough. The fruit trees seemed to have survived the frost.

Only nine weeks until school is done for the year. Not sure what the plans are for the summer. Need to come up with some ideas.

Feeling tired – didn’t sleep very well last night. Would like to take a nap but I still have tax stuff to do – MUST do today!

Have you finished your taxes yet?


Fitness Friday

Average steps for last week – 13,400

Still at the same weight. I really need to make some changes but it isn’t happening. I say I’m going to exercise more, but I don’t. I say I’m going to eat less but I don’t. Nothing will change for the better unless I make some changes and stick with them.

I still haven’t really accepted the fact that I am not the skinny girl I was when I was younger. The one who could eat anything and not have to exercise. I feel like my body has let me down when in fact I am the one letting  my body down.

I know all the reasons why I need to do things differently but when it comes right down to it I always have an excuse for making a poor choice. What will it take for me to make the changes I need to make?? I wish I knew how to answer that question. I am getting tired of  feeling this way.

I’m off to do some garden work. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

Have spent a good bit of time out in the garden this past week. I’ve got the spring veggies planted and the kids each planted some flowers. We transplanted some stuff, deadheaded some bulbs and did some pruning. I’ve been weeding, weeding and weeding. Still lots more to do.

Tasks for next week will be as follows:

1.  Declutter at least one item

2.  Exercise for 15 minutes

3.  Finish the tax stuff -yes it is still on the list – really need to get it done this week

Hope you are making progress on your goals.

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