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Fitness, Part 2

Decided to weigh myself every Friday to see how things are going. Not so good – I’m stuck at the same old weight. At least I didn’t gain anything.

Have started walking again. Last week I managed to walk an average of  7528 steps daily. Not doing as well this week. I may need a new pedometer. This one doesn’t seem to be quite right. Maybe it just needs a battery. I’ll have to check that out before I go off to get another.

Had two really good diet days but then I ate candy – too much. I’ve got to stop buying it. If it isn’t here I can’t eat it.

Guess that’s it for now. Off to do some more steps.

Where do they find the time?

I am often inspired by reading blogs. There is so much help out there and yet it can also be discouraging. It seems like everyone else is capable of doing so much and here I sit making little to no progress.

I try to make plans, create schedules, organize and manage my time in various ways but I don’t seem to stick with it long enough for anything to take hold. It is past time for a change. I need to do some serious thinking and planning. After that I need do to some even more serious work at sticking to the things that will make the plan work.


So I have decided on my fitness goals. I would like to lose 11.6  lbs and decrease my waist and belly areas by 3- 5 inches. I want  to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. I would also like to start doing some weight training and some yoga or stretching.

 I made those decisions soon after my last post. Unfortunately, I haven’t done much about them and in fact things have gotten worse! I now need to lose 12.4 lbs. UGH! 

Why do I so often do the things I know I shouldn’t do?? Do I have some inner desire for self-sabotage? What am I afraid of? Why do I keep making such poor choices?? I have no answers – only more questions.

I’m off to try to do some thinking. I may go out in the beautiful sunshine and try to get in a few steps for today. Hopefully, the next time I’m back I will have good news to report.

Starting Over

I had such high hopes and big plans for this year. However, here we are a month into the year and my hopes have been dashed and my plans have stalled.

I had a rough month with family problems ranging from relationship difficulties, a sick child and the death of my mother-in-law. All of these put my emotions on a roller coaster and the last two had me rearranging plans to  cope with the demands that come with illness and death.

I am one year away from turning 50 and my fitness is not what I would like it to be. I need to do some work on that this year. For a variety of reasons it needs to be a top priority for me this year. I have to do some more thinking to see how that will affect the goals I have already laid out for myself.

More to come after I spend some more time thinking things over.

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