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Fitness Friday

I gained a pound since last week. I’m a bit disappointed and a bit relieved – disappointed that I gained but relieved that it was only one pound. I had two family get togethers over the weekend and a bit of post-Lent chocolate binging that contibuted to the gain. Need to get back to regular eating and watch the sweets.

I was able to do an average of 11061 steps a day last week. Would like to get it up a bit more. I read recently that our hunter-gatherer ancestors were built to travel 8 – 10 miles a day. I have a long way to go to get close to that number!

Walked at a nearby park today – I like walking on the trails. I think it is helpful to vary my route and need to try to find some other nearby trails to try.

Fitness Friday

Well I did good with the walking – average of 11579 steps a day- but the scale didn’t move. Will need to watch what I eat over the weekend. Haven’t been getting yoga or other exercise in lately. I need to get back on track with that. If it ever stops raining, I will be able to work in the yard and that will be a little help.

Fitness Friday – A Few Days Late

A great week. I lost another pound! My daily average was 10494 steps. I went walking with someone from church one day. We went to the park and walked for an hour. It was a beautiful day.

This weekend will be tough with family parties. Won’t have much time to do any walking or exercising.  Need to try to keep the calories down until then. It is getting easier to go with out sweets but I’m hungry all the time. I’m trying to eat small portions every 2-3 hours but it is hard.

Savings Update

Our retirement fund is now up to $133,048.77!  Part of the increase comes because I found out that I hadn’t updated one fund for 2 years and the rest of the increase is due to some money being put into the funds and the overall improvement in the funds. This means we are now over halfway to the goal!

Our emergency fund had a hefty contribution thanks to an inheritance but now comes the inheritance tax. Not sure just how much that will be. We will need to add some more to reach my desired minimum but it is pretty close.

With prices going up, I need to work a little harder at making sure that I keep my expenses down.

Back to the Beginning

Lately I have gotten off-track – in life and here on the blog. This blog was originally started as a way of recording progress on 6 goals that I had.  But I have drifted away from that focus because of my desire to get fit this year.

I really want to get back to my original goals in addition to the fitness focus. I am going to try to update the old goals and then come up with a plan to keep up with all of my goals.

Since I have recently received most of my retirement quarterly reports I will start with that goal first.  I hope to be back with that information tomorrow.

Fitness Friday

I lost another 0.8 lbs!!  Hopefully, I can keep the scale moving downward. Didn’t do as well with the steps last week – only averaged  9733/day. Did start doing a yoga tape that targets the abs. It was tough but that just means it will help me firm up that area.

It is getting a tiny bit easier to skip the desserts but it is still a struggle. Have been eating more fruit and veggies and less “white” stuff.

Off to do some cleaning – every little bit of activity helps or so they say.

Fitness Friday

No movement on the scale this week. Didn’t do as well with my walking – only averaged 10186 steps/day last week. The weather has been awful – can’t wait for Spring.

Started doing a yoga tape that focuses on the ab area. Hopefully it will help. My tummy is definitely my worst spot and I really want to see some improvement there.

Thank you to my readers who comment and provide encouragement. It is nice to know there is someone rooting for me. See you next week

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