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Fitness Friday

Finally!!  The scale has moved and I have lost 0.8lbs. It is so nice to finally see some progress. It gives me motivation to keep up the struggle.

The new pedometer seems to be working very well. I averaged 10,819 steps last week. A nice improvement over the week before.

I still need to add some cardio and get back on track with the ab work. My routine got a little scrambled this week and I didn’t get in all of my workouts. Need to get better at making sure I get them in every day.

Istill  have some difficulty with not eating sweets but it is getting better now that there aren’t as many in the house. Just need to not buy any more!

Reading Update

I have read a total of 76 books since I decided to keep track of my reading. That means I only have 1424 to go.

Lately I have been reading a lot of fitness/diet type books. Hoping for a magic cure but that isn’t going to happen. Just need to eat less and move more.

Would like to get back to reading some fiction. We’ll see how that goes. As of last count,  I have over 125 books in my loft waiting to be read. Can’t decide which to start next. May just have to pick a number and then count along the shelf until I get there.

Fitness Friday

Another weigh in that remains the same. This is getting discouraging. I need to do something very different in the hopes that it will cause some movement on the scale.

I had to get a new pedometer, the battery was definitely dying. I was getting readings that I knew weren’t right. Then I dropped it in the toilet and that was the end of that.  Last week’s average was at least 4364 steps – I know it was more but don’t know how much due to the faulty pedometer.

Have continued with the daily ab work and will try to add some reps next week. 

Hubby wants me to join him on the Nordic Flex machine but that really isn’t my thing. I’m looking into possible swim classes. That would be something I would enjoy and be more likely to do.

Fitness Friday

The scale has not moved again this week. I’m glad it hasn’t gone up but I wish it would go down!

This week’s step total was better. I averaged 6924 steps. I also did five minutes of ab work everyday. Need to add some cardio – wish I could find some type that I liked to do.

Have been trying to limit my sweets for Lent. I am struggling – there is ice cream in the freezer and cookie dough in the fridge. I’m holding firm but it is hard.

Fitness Friday

I am disappointed – I still haven’t made any progress. The scale reads the same again this week.

I didn’t do well with my walking – only averaged 5899 steps/day. Hopefully I can do better next week.

Have done ab exercises every day this week. Want to add some cardio but haven’t found the time for that yet.


Time Budgeting -a new concept for me. I first read about it on the Life as Mom blog by Jessica Fisher. Then I looked into the links she had posted and it really appeals to me.

The basic premise is that you choose your priorities and how much time you want to spend on them each day.  Then you can move the activities around to fit in with any other things that come up in your day.

I could do one for days that I am home and one for days when I’m running around. Or one for days when I am mostly on my own(kids in school, hubby at work) and one for when we are all home.

I could have part that is always the same – those daily activities I always try to fit in and others for the things that get done once or twice a week.

I see a lot of possibilities here. This good be a very good tool.

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