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Ta Da/To Do Thursday

The garden is really coming along. I just need to plant the pumpkins and everything will be planted for now.  Now it is time to concentrate on the daily tasks of watering, weeding, dead-heading and harvesting.

The next big task I want to work on is getting the downstairs cleaned and decluttered. I need to make a list of the jobs to do in each room. Then I can let the girl choose what she would like to start with.

I’m starting with the mudroom. There are still a few winter things to get put away. After that  I want to take everything out and wipe down the walls and clean the floor. Then I’ll empty the cubbies and drawer and clean them out. Would like to get it painted but not sure if that will happen.

What have you accomplished lately?

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around in my head today …

The garden is coming along. The seeds we planted have all sprouted and the tomatoes seem to be doing okay. Just need water – it has been very dry here lately. We got a couple of plums and the raspberries are starting to ripen.

Has been really hot lately so I’ve been reading quite a bit. Nice to just enjoy the air from the fan blowing over me as I disappear into a good story.

One week to boot camp – I’m trying not to think about it. I’ll let you know how it goes – if I survive it!

Gotta get back to work. Be back on Thursday.

Fitness Friday

Pounds to lose  –  10.6

Average steps per day – 11,856

At least I didn’t gain any weight this week. Only 11 days until boot camp. I am really getting nervous. I watched a video of a class and it looks like it will be intense. Hope I will be able to keep up with the pace.

Still having trouble with the pedometer. Haven’t yet decided what to do about it. Don’t want to keep buying new ones. It seems to be only registering about half of my steps but every once in awhile it seems to be correct. It is definitely annoying.  I know what my usual walks should be but the other walking I do is tough for me to gauge sometimes.

I should check my yearly total and see if I am near the 2 million mark. I think I should be. Ideally, I should be at 2.5 million or more seeing how we are near the middle of the year. I should be getting in some long walks now while it is nice. Once winter comes it will be tougher for me to get myself out there to walk.

The city pool has opened and I am hoping to get in some lap swimming at least once a week. Not sure how crowded the pool will be at those times. We’ll see next week I hope.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday – Just A Bit Late

Well, I was able to purchase and plant some tomatoes and I got all but the pumpkin seeds planted. Need to get some more soil for that.

The kids have been helping(not very happily) with the weeding and various other chores around the garden. Things are growing fairly well. We’ve been eating lettuce from the garden just about every day. It just tastes so good.

Next week I want to continue with the weeding, get and put down more mulch and transplant some thyme to fill in some bare spots.

Hope you have been able to enjoy some time outside lately.

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around my head this morning…

Tomorrow is the last day of school and there will be a recognition ceremony for DD. Can’t believe that she will be in high school next year.

Still haven’t finalized plans for summer vacation – guess I really need to get that done.

Looks like there are more weeds that wildflowers in the area we planted. That’s the last thing I need – more weeds.

Strawberries are just about done and the first raspberry is almost ready.

2 weeks until boot camp starts and I am getting more nervous every day. I’m not sure how I’ll hold up. Need to think positive thoughts, do my best and not try to show off – rest if I need to.

Taking another glass class. This time DD is going with me. We will be making beads. I would like to make some to use as a meditation aid. I think it should be fun.

 Off to enjoy my last afternoon of solitude.

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose – 10.6

average steps  – 12,000/day

I’ve been having computer problems today, so I’ll make this short.

I’m having trouble with my pedometer again. It seemed like I should have more steps than I do lately. So today I checked my count after I walked DS to the school bus. It was way off. I checked the battery but it is still good. Don’t know what the problem is but I’m frustated and annoyed. Not sure what I’m going to do about this. Need to think about it before I make a decision.

Ta Da/To Do

I don’t have much time today so this will be brief.

I was able to do a lot of weeding this week and most of the deadheading is done. Haven’t gotten around to transplanting, buyig plants or putting the seeds in.

Have been harvesting and enjoying the strawberrries and the lettuce. Raspberries are forming and shouldd be ripening soon.

Will continue to work in the garden this week and hope to get veggiesand seeds  bought and planted.

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts running around in my head today…

I’m loving the compliments I’ve been getting on my hair!!

I’m wondering what kind of caterpillar is eating the seed pods of my baptisia – a plant that is supposed to be “virtually” pest-free

Glad that DD’s friend is inviting her to go to New York City with her. I think it will be a great experience for her. The friend’s dad grew up in the city and knows where to go and not go!

I’m trying to get my summer plans ready so I can avoid the dreaded  cries of “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do here”  that occur almost daily through out summer vacation

I’m loving those fresh strawberries and I can see the raspberries starting to form – yum yum

I’m not looking forward to boot camp. I hope I don’t embarass myself. I do really want to get an exercise habit started and I hope this will help. We’ll see.

Have been doing some reading now – need to update my total and see where I am with the 1500 book challenge.

What’s on your mind today? Let me know by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose   10.2

average steps walked last week   11,111

Was planning a long walk today but we have rain and I couldn’t force myself to stay out there for long. Hopefully it will clear up and I can get out later.

Really should do something so I can start gettting ready for boot camp. I don’t want to be so out of shape that I can’t do anything or pass out. Wonder how many people there will be and how difficult it will be. I’m very nervous about the whole thing. We’ll see how it goes.

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