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We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog Post

I will be taking a break and will be visiting family for the next week or ten days. My dad has no wi-fi, internet or even a computer, so there will be no posting. Hopefully I’ll be  ready to get on track and move ahead when I get back.

Take care

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose  9.4

average daily  steps  7248

Knee is feeling better – need to start doing some more walking and try to do some kind of exercise.

I am not yet  halfway to my goal. I have  a total of  2,446,352  steps so far this year. I need to average over 16,900 steps per day to reach my goal of 5 million. That will be tough but I’m going to try to get as close as I can.

Have a great weekend.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

Okay, I will try to get back on track. This has been a tough stretch for blogging. Just have had too many things going on. Hard to find the time to sit at the computer and get this done.

TA DA –  The cleaning of the playroom is finished.  Still have some minor sorting and removing to do but the room is looking much better.

TO DO – We will be working on the living area. Got a start on one section today. This is pretty well decluttered but it needs some heavy duty cleaning done. Should be able to get this one done a bit quicker than we did the playroom. At least I’m hoping we will.

What have you done lately?

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