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Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts roaming around my head today…

Praying for those who have been hit by the storm.

Thankful that we haven’t had too much happen here.

Wishing my children were at school instead of home.

Wondering how long the rain will hang around and how many steps I’ll lose because it is too yucky to be outside.

Hoping I will get a chance for more warm weather to finish the garden work.

Thinking I should get off the computer just in case we lose the connection again.

I’ll be back again on Thursday – stay safe, warm and dry.



Measure up Monday – How am I doing on my goals??

This week I’m looking at my progress towards 5 million steps by December 31, 2012 and the picture is not pretty. I have gone a total of 3,670, 719 steps so far this year. That averages out to 12154 steps per day. It also means that I have 1,329,281 steps to go. With only 63 days left in the year, I would need to do 21,200 steps everyday to make my target. I just don’t think that will happen.

When I started, I figured that January, February, November and December would have low totals due to weather restraints. I thought I would be able to make up for it with longer daily walks through spring, summer and fall. Instead I injured my knee during boot camp which set me back and I haven’t been able to  recover any ground.

I can definitely make it to 4 million and I think I can hit 4.5 million. I will keep trying to hit 5 million but it will be a stretch to get there. It was a stetch goal for me and overall I am pleased with my progress. I know I would have done much less without the challenge.

I may try to do some mall walking now that the weather is getting so yucky. I don’t like to do that – it means unnecessary driving and it brings temptation into my day – but I do like the way I feel after I walk.

Hope you manage to stay warm and safe during this stormy time.

Fitness Friday

Here is the latest update for my 100 Day Challenge

getting to bed by 10 pm  20 out of 33

taking at least 15,000 steps   22 out of 33

Zumba class  4 out of 4

exercise  6 out of 12

less than `1800 calories   11 out of 22

pounds to lose  9

average daily steps   20,062

Overall, I am okay with my results. Between the Boy Scout Tea and eating out twice, I was worried that I would have gained a lot but .2 lbs is not bad.

Haven’t found a replacement for my Zumba class but I’m still looking around. Hopefully I’ll find something by next Thursday.

Now I’m off to get some work done in the orchard. Have a great day



TO DO/TA DA Thursday

Still have some work to do in the orchard but it is coming along. We are supposed to get hit with some yucky weather this weekend so I need to try and do as much as I can tomorrow. Went to Zumba class last week – we may be doing another session. I will find out tonight.

For next week I am going to finish the orchard and look for a zumba class/dvd or online workout so I can continue working out.

What’s on your list?

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts roaming around my head today…

I went to a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts and boy did I eat too much. It was an English Tea and there was so much good food. The scouts made all the food and it was delicious.

Celebrated hubby’s birthday by going out to eat — more calories!!

I should be working off all that extra food but I’m not.

I should be out in the garden – it is a gorgeous day – but I’m not.

I should be cleaning but I’m not.

Instead I’m spending way too much time in front of this little screen. I guess I should get up and try to accomplish something.

Hoping your day is more productive than mine has been so far.

Fitness Friday

Here is my latest update for the 100 Day Challenge

getting to bed by 10 pm  15 out of 26

taking at least 15,000 steps   17 out of 26

Zumba class  3 out of 3

exercise  5 out of 9

less than `1800 calories   9 out of 15

pounds to lose   8.8

average daily steps   16,889

I have been increasing my walks which is helping my step counts. I had 2 slip up days with my calorie counting. One was just a few calories over but the other one was a major fall off the wagon. I do not have will power and I should not buy candy with the thought that I will ration it out over a period of time. I can only buy what I want to eat at the moment. Now to try to remember that when I am at the store!!

Only one late night this week but also only one exercise session. Want to do better this next week in both of those categories.

Very pleased with my weight loss. Hope to keep the streak going and hit 3 weeks in a row. We’ll see how it goes.

What have you done to get fit lately?


Better report this week – I went to Zumba class and did a ton of work in the garden. I still have lots to do in my garden but I’m getting closer to finishing the “must dos” on my list.

For the upcoming week, I’m going to my next to last Zumba class and will try to complete my work in the orchard part of my garden.

What have you done lately, what do you need to do??

Tid bit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around in my head today …

I am hoping that the weatherman is correct and that tomorrow will be a gorgeous day. I would like to finish cleaning up the orchard and prepare for planting next year. We are going to try to grow either miniclover or thyme around the trees.

I’m wondering if my DS will finish putting out the Halloween decorations he has strewn about the floor.I am trying not to give into my desire for food. I had a good breakfast and a mid-morning snack and should not need any food right now. At least that is what my brain says but my stomach is disagreeing loudly.

I need to shred the chicken breasts I made yesterday and then add them to a pot of soup and make some into enchiladas.

I need to go to the dentist for some work.

I should go to the bank for my DH’s business.

I need to get some garden staples for my work in the orchard.

I should get some more fruit.

I need to exchange a raincoat I received from Lands End.

But what I want to do is  go to the store and look at garden stone kits – I’ve been thinking about making them for in the garden and I have several coupons I could use.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… I’m off to do something.


Measure Up Monday  – How am I doing on my goals??

Just received information on the annual UFO Retreat. I have been there the last two years. It is mostly filled with quilters and scrapbookers but there are few others who come.  For the past two years I have taken my knitting, some books and a bunch of hopes and dreams. I try to make a plan for the rest of the year in between knitting some dish cloths and reading some good books.

This year I may be brave enough to take some quilting along – we’ll see how I feel. It is still two months away so I have lots of time to make a decision. I really enjoy this weekend away but I would like to try for something a bit longer – maybe in the summer of 2013 or 2014. Would love to do something in the  New Mexico/Arizona area  – that would probably be better in the winter.

Fitness Friday

I’m going to try to get back into the 100 day challenge. I started off strong but didn’t see progress, got frustrated and ended up not doing things for awhile. Now I’ve been given a proposition that I’m not really eager to accept.  I need to get my weight down  so I can stick with my solitary pursuit of better health and fitness.

Here is the update on my 100 day challenges —

getting to bed by 10 pm  9 out of 19

taking at least 15,000 steps   12 out of 19

Zumba class  2 out of 2

exercise  4 out of 6

less than `1800 calories   4 out of 8

pounds to lose   9.6

average daily steps   14,937

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