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Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts roaming around in my head today.

The sun is shining and the temp is rising – this has been a very interesting winter so far.

I need to get moving, my step count is way down and I need to get it back up again.

Beginning the process of tax information collection – ugh. Not looking forward to it at all.

Counting the hours until the kids go back to school – they are eating me out of house and home, not to mention the noise level. I miss my quiet times.

Did get some reading done while Matthew and I were sick.

Need to get to work on my three tasks for the week – haven’t done anything yet.

Think that is about it for today. I’ll be back on Thursday to check in.

Fitness Friday

Not a good week on the fitness front. Did not make it to 70,000 steps last week and this week is looking even worse. I wanted to start exercising but that didn’t happen.  With me and most of the family being sick this week not much of anything got done. On the bright side, I did lose another pound – only 6 more to go.

I’m headed back to bed for a quick nap before everyone gets home and the evening fun begins. See you next week.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

For this week my three tasks were as follows …

1. Declutter at least one item –  have several boxes packed up and ready to be picked up tomorrow

2. Work one hour on my workspace – I’m putting things in there areas and it is getting roomier and neater looking

3. Do at least 15 minutes of exercises- between illness and laziness this did not get done

Somehow I got off track – my days/weeeks are mixed up and I’m having difficulty keeping my plans straight. Plus, I can’t seem to shake this cold and I am very tired. I’ve been getting to bed on time but not sleeping well.

My three tasks for next week will be the same as this week –

1. Declutter at least one item

2. Work for one hour on my workspace

3. Exercise for 15 minutes

Hope you had luck with your items. See you tormorrow for a fitness update.

Tidbit Tuesday

My thoughts today  are centering on my hair. I never really wanted to dye my hair but I let myself get talked into doing it awhile back.  I dislike having to have it redone every few weeks – it seems like it doesn’t even last  4 weeks let alone 6 weeks. Plus I could certainly use the $$$ for something more enjoyable(like, a massage, some good books or a lot of chocolate!).

DD wanted to dye her hair and asked me to think about dying with henna.  I looked into it and thought it might be an option to try. Although I was a bit reluctant – how would I duplicate what my colorist does? how would my hair react to the henna? how long should I leave it in(there are so many opinions and I don’t know what to think)?

Finally I  broke down and did it.  Not really sure how I feel about the  results. My gray/white/silver hairs  are now looking more orange than the red I was hoping for. DD said I look Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter movies – not the look I was hoping for. It just doesn’t look natural to me, which was what I was afraid of.

Now I’m seriously thinking about just letting everything grow out and go natural, whatever that may turn out to be. Who cares if people think I’m my kids grandmother instead of their mother. I don’t care if people know that I am an “older” mom. I don’t think I want to deal with all the mess and cost of this stuff anymore.

DD thinks I should just try the brown and see how it goes but I’m not sure. I’ll give it some time and then decide. Plus, I’m thinking about chopping it off and going short again. I wish I could find a style that I was satisified and then be able to just stick with it. The problem with that is I hate dealing with it at all.

Enough of this – I need to get some work done. See you Thursday.

Fitness Friday

I am down a pound and I am determined to stay down and not go back up. I am ridding the house of junk food and will try not to buy too much chocolate – I can’t go cold turkey, I need a fix every once in a while/day!

Didn’t make it to 70,000 steps last week but still averaged 70,000 for the two weeks so far. I hope to be able to make there again this week. We’ll see – I’m stuffed up with a sore throat and just got up from a nap. Hope I can get a good night’s rest and stay healthy.

Have a great weekend.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

This is my 100th post!  Wonder how long it will take me to get to 200?

For this week, my three tasks were as follows:

1. Declutter one item – put some broken pieces of a  plastic  battery cover in the trash, not sure what the cover was for but since it is broken there really is no need to keep it any longer

2. Finish the book challenge update – current now with 142 books read so far

3. Work for one hour on my work space.  – completed – I have moved almost everything that belongs somewhere else in to one area and just need to get other people to go through it and do something with it.

For next week my three tasks are as follows …

1. Declutter at least one item

2. Work one hour on my workspace

3. Do at least 15 minutes of exercises

Hope you are having success with your goals. See you back here tomorrow for a fitness update.

Tidbit Tuesday

Lots of things floating around in my head today. Here are just a few…

I had such a good time at the retreat – I read several books, did some knitting and worked on how to achieve my goals.

Unfortunately I ate too much and did not move enough – need to get back on track.

Really need to get the Christmas stuff packed away.

End of year investment statements are coming in – time to see what the balance is.

Wish the weather would make up its mind – record highs and then snow followed by more record highs and more snow. I don’t like the extreme changes.

I’ve got chicken soup in the crockpot and it smells so good – can’t wait for dinner.

Wondering how everyone is doing with their 3 tasks. I’m almost done with my for the week. Be back Thursday with my report.

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