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Fitness Friday

Another week of the same. No movement on the scale, a little walking, no exercising and too much junk food. But there is only one more week of this because I did it – I registered for the course at the gym.

 I will start strength training on November 7th. 2 mornings a week for 4 weeks. I hope I don’t embarass myself too much. Working out with weights has never been a big draw for me but I need to do something and the price is right.

Since it is the last Friday of the month, I took my measurements. There was a quarter of an inch difference in a couple of spots. Hopefully there will be more this time next month. I just keep thinking “baby steps” and push onward. Eventually I will get there.

see you next time

Fitness Friday

A slight – very slight drop today.  I started walking again with friends from church. Our pace and terrain are more of a challenge than I normally do when I’m by myself. I tend to be a bit lazy when I’m by myself. I need someone to give me a push.

In fact, I might give myself an early birthday present and go to a personal trainer to help me get in shape before my birthday. I need to run the numbers and see if I can afford it. There is a place close by that is having small group sessions – twice a week for 4 weeks starting in November. I think it is time for me to get some help so I can really move forward towards my goal.

Guess that’s all for now – be back next week.

Tuesday Tidbits

Here are some random thoughts for this beautiful October day

Only 2 weeks until Election Day here in PA. Will be so glad when the commercials are over.  Don’t really feel confident about either of my choices for County Executive. Wish some new blood would enter the races. We need some new ideas.

Should have done some work in my garden today but I was stuck inside doing tax work. I really wish that I didn’t have the responsibility for it but I do.

I have reached the limit for my grocery store perks so I’m trying to get my list together. I would like to go shopping  tomorrow or Thursday. We’ll see how far I can get with the taxes.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do. Can’t seem to prioritize.  I did okay with the list for a few days. I guess I should go back to that.

That’s it for now – see you on Friday

Fitness Friday

Back to no movement on the scale. Oh well, at least I didn’t gain any weight. Slow and steady progress will eventually get me where I want to be.

The weather hasn’t been very good here lately. I really like to walk but not when it is windy and rainy. I don’t mind a bit of cold and/or snow but the rain will keep me inside.

I still need to work on doing some kind of exercising in addition to the walking.   I haven’t been trying out any of my videos like I said I would. I spend too much time in front of this computer. I need to seriously buckle down, limit my computer wanderings and start being active.  Why is that so hard to do?  I know all the benefits but still don’t do it.

I’ve been down this path so many times, not just with exercise but other things as well. What keeps a person from doing the things they know they should? Is it fear, lack of desire, lack of ability, laziness or something else?  If I could uncover the reason behind the inaction then maybe I could do something about it.

Lots of things to ponder until I come back again.

Savings Update

There is good news and bad news.  I’ll start with the bad – our investments went down in value. The good news is that DH’s  Beneficiary IRA has been transferred from his mother’s account to his retirement accounts. Therefore we are up to 143,785.42!!  Now if we can just keep it up there. Hopefully he will soon start getting a paycheck and we will be able to start investing again.

Be back again tomorrow with the fitness update

Tuesday Tidbits

Another random stream of information –

Spent a few hours in the garden this weekend. Dug up and replanted some bulbs, cut down some of the dead raspberries, put down some sawdust and newspaper, harvested more tomatoes and pulled out some dead sunflowers. Still more to do but it was a good start.

Starting to get the investment quarterly statements. Really do need to see how things are going. So far it is not too good, the funds have lost money and the totals are down.

Had a long talk with DD. I’m so glad I am past the teen years. I would hate to have to go through them again, especially now when things seem so much harder to deal with.

Have been doing some reading and need to get my reading page started. Also need to update the clutter page.

 There is so much to do, I’m having trouble prioritizing. I should just start somewhere and get things moving. Instead I’m spending too much time trying to figure out what is most important to do and nothing is getting done.  I’m just going to close my eyes, point at my list and do whatever it is for at least 10 minutes. Hopefully that will get me started. 

See you Friday

Fitness Friday

Finally!! I was ready to give up on my scale but there was movement today. I’ve lost a pound!! Now to keep up the momentum. It has been warm the last few days and I have  done some work in the garden along with my walking.

Next week will be busy with kids home  a couple of days. Don’t think I will make it to the Bath house to get my swimming pass. I am determined to do it before this month ends.

Weekend should be nice – maybe we’ll get a bike ride in.

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