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Ta Da/To Do Thursday

I’m thinking I need to go back to one big task for the week. I’m just trying to do too much and it isn’t working. I’m going to focus on my garden for next week. I want to buy some tomato and pepper plants and plant my seeds. Plus there is still weeding, watering and deadheading  to be done and I need to transplant some thyme and sedum to fill in some bare spots. Oh, I also need to dig up the stump from my dead apple tree.  That should keep me busy for the week.

Need to do daily picking of the strawberries – there are so many but we are not complaining. The lettuces are coming along nicely. It is nice to just walk out to the garden and cut some leaves whenever I need them.

Hope you are enjoying your day and looking forward to a fun weekend.

I’m back

I’ve missed a few days because I was discouraged and didn’t want to post about my failures – Ta Da/To Do – nothing accomplished, Fitness Friday  – minimal walking, no exercise and a weight gain. I’m definitely in a bit of a funk and can’t seem to get out of it. I just have no desire to do anything but lie around, read a few good books and putter on the computer. The heat here hasn’t helped any.

I know I should focus on the positive and keep making baby steps but I don’t want to. I wish for a giant leap of progress but that won’t happen unless I put in some effort. It is hard to turn around 40+ years of negative/pessimistic type thoughts. Why must my life be such a struggle??

But then I think about other people who have it so much worse and I am ashamed to think that I am grumbling. I have a roof over my head, more than enough food, clothing and possessions, friends and family who love me, access to books and the internet, the freedom to not work at a job and so much more than  most people on this earth. What right do I have to moan and complain? I should be grateful and be trying to give to others instead of moaning about my fate.

I need to find something that I can become involved in that will take my focus away from me and put it anywhere else. BUT WHAT?? That is the question to ponder. I know that there are many good options but which one will really engage me and have me looking forward to doing something? Hopefully something will occur to me, sooner rather than later.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I’ll try to get back on schedule and have some positive news to share next time.

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around my head today…

DD was confirmed on Sunday. It has been a bit of a rough experience these past three years but I think things have settled down for her and her faith.

We went out for chinese food to celebrate and of course I ate too much so I decided to skip dessert and just have my fortune cookie.

I took the plunge today and chopped off my hair. Ever since the debacle with the henna, I’ve  wanted to get rid of the orange and today was the day. There is still a tiny bit of it at the ends in front but most of it is gone!!  Not sure what the family will say when they see my short do but I feel much better.

My DD helped me to get our wildflower garden planted, watered and covered. Now we just have to keep it moist and watch it grow. Have been watering my transplants and weeding, weeding, weeding.

Need to get ready for my meeting with the health insurance rep. It is time to renew the business policy and the rates have gone up 19%. We are going to look at some alternatives and hopefully find something that won’t be as expensive.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. Be back on Thursday.

Fitness Friday

Pounds needed to lose  – 9.2

Average steps last week  – 11,714

My great plans for last weekend did not work out.  I did not take my DD to the mall – another set of parents did that. It rained on the day of my bike ride and I didn’t get out any other day. I did walk twice but I’m still behind the pace to reach 5 million. On the plus side I did get in some yoga and ab exercises along with some gardening.

The weather is looking good for the weekend so maybe I will get in some outside exercise of some sort. I have to start exercising my mental muscles – making the decision to exercise and then following through each and every day. Oh why can’t  I enjoy some kind of exercise and look forward to doing it regularly??

Hope you are doing better with your fitness goals than I am. Have a great weekend.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

Here were my three tasks for last week and my results…

1.  Create a rough schedule for the summer days -I have made a start on this and I’m plugging in activities

2.  Spend an hour in my sanctuary, continuing to reorganize and declutter – Spent the time but still have soo much to do. It feels like an overwhelming task but I’m plugging away at it.

3.  Go for a bike ride – My scheduled ride was cancelled due to rain and I didn’t schedule another.

Still need to work on all three of these so they will remain for next week.  How is your to do list coming along? Hope you can cross something off today.

Tidbit Tuesday

Here’s the latest installment of the random thoughts running through my head…

I love walking out my door and being greeted by the lovely aroma of my peonies.

I love the taste of the first strawberry from my strawberry patch.

I love the look of my latest bouquet from the garden – yellow, white and purple irises.

I love a good mystery series – I just read the first installment of a new series about  a literary agency. It was really good and I can’t wait to read the next one.  The name of the book is  Buried in a Book and it was written  by Lucy Arlington.

I have read mystery series that revolve around a chef, a quilter, a dressmaker and a knitter. I like the way they blend information about those arts with the mystery story.

What do you like to read? I’m always interested in finding a new author to read. I hope you’ll share your favorites with me.

Fitness Friday

UGH!  My weight is up even more – now I need to lose 9.2 lbs. Almost as much as when I started this journey last January.

step average for the week  14,317  Need to bump this up if I am going to reach 5 million this year.

Too much birthday cake and junk food combined with too  little exercise and a lot of sitting in front of the computer. I haven’t been walking with my friends – one has been sick and the other is back and forth helping out with her daughter who has breast cancer. Without them to spur me on, my walks have gotten very short and that has to change.

I can’t depend on friends or great weather or any motivational technique – I just need to get out there and start doing something everyday. Commit to a time and then do something – walk, yoga, jump rope, ride a bike, ab work, calisthenics anything! More movement is what I need.

Of course part of the problem has been another bout of the ever recurring depression I suffer from/with. Not sure what has started off this time but I am back in the struggle. I seem to be always hungry, I’m sleeping too much and I havelittle to no energy or desire to do anything. I know what I need to do but it just seems like too much work. Maybe I need to see about changing my medication or talking to someone, but it is so hard for me to take those steps. I’ve been down this road before and feel like I should be able to snap out of it without help but  that isn’t happening.

The weekend will see me getting off to a good start with a plan for daily exercise.  On Saturday I’m taking DD and a few friends to the mall. They are going to look for dresses for the 8th grade dance and I am going to walk around the mall while I wait for them. Then on Sunday we are going to bike to the baseball game. Need to make a plan for Monday – will see if anyone can walk or do something else. Then just keep on doing a little something everyday.

What are you doing to keep yourself fit and healthy?

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

Time to get things going – need to be more productive around here. Five weeks from today we will start summer vacation and there are some things I need to do before my kids are home and I want to get some general planning of the summer activities ready.  Here are 3 of the tasks I want to accomplish this week …

1.  Create a rough schedule for the summer days

2.  Spend an hour in my sanctuary, continuing to reorganize and declutter

3.  Go for a bike ride

What’s on your list for the upcoming week?

Tidbit Tuesday

Here’s the lastest installment of the things that are running through my head…

I love the look of my irises in bloom – I have white, yellow and purple ones.

I love the smell of my peonies as I walk past my dining room table.

I can’t wait for the strawberries to get really red. They are starting to get pink and the temptation to pick one is really strong in my DS. I’m trying to get him to wait but it isn’t easy.

So glad we had rain last night – the garden really needed it.

We really had a nice time at the bike oval on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and there weren’t too many other people there. The kids were able to run around, bike and play.

There was an article in today’s paper about an indoor bike facility coming to town. That would be interesting.

I’ve gotten behind in reconciliing my business/personal credit card. I’ve been paying it but I haven’t actually been dividing it up. I’ve just paid it with whichever account had enough money. Need to get it staightened out and than keep it straight.

Went to “Camp Blast” a free day to explore what camp is like with DS on Sunday. He signed up for an overnight camp – 3nights and 4 days. We’ll see how it goes. He has never been away from home on his own before. He is also signed up for a week-long day camp through Cub Scouts. Plus he wants to go spend some time with my dad.

DD’s  confirmation is coming up. She wants a new dress and does need one but I hate the thought of shopping. She ordered one but didn’t like the way it looked. Now I need to return it and take her out for something else.

I guess that’s enough for now. Hope your day is going great.

Fitness Friday

No change on the scale     16317 steps average for the week

Did do some ab work today and am getting ready for a walk.  If the weather cooperates, I should be able to get in some bike riding tomorrow.

It is just too nice to be inside today. I’m heading out for a walk and then some work in the garden.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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