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To the trash -total – 34

  1.  24 birthday candles – some numbers or is it numerals? – melted and no longer recognizable, some just too short to be reused – not sure why I kept them in the first place
  2.  1 turtle neck – loved it but got a stain on it, couldn’t get it out and after multiple washings attempted to bleach it and that was a disaster so out it goes
  3.  1 pair holey underwear
  4.  3 pairs holey socks – thought I would darn them but it’s been a year and I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to happen so out they go
  5.  1 hummingbird feeder – lost part of it that covered one of the holes and now the feeding solution just runs out
  6.  1 dried up two way glue pen
  7. 1 plastic baby missing a leg
  8.  2 clay/plaster dolls from my mother in law’s doll house – the heads are splitting and to be honest I find the faces a bit creepy

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