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Tuesday Tidbits

Another installment of the random thoughts rolling around my head…

I had a lovely weekend away at retreat. I always enjoy my stay there. For one thing, it is lovely not to have to think about what to make for a meal, make the meal, eat it and then clean it up. Another wonderful thing is the 10 minute massage I get which loosens up me up and feels great. Add in some lovely music from some birds and crisp air during a hike around the camp – lovely to see all the ferns, wildflowers and signs of spring popping out. Last but not least good conversations and an almost unlimited supply of chocolate.

I was able to read a few books and catch up on some e-books I had downloaded(last year!). Nice to finally get those taken care of.

I’m really ready for spring – it snowed a bit on Friday and we may be getting some tonight as well. I’m itching to get out and clean up the garden and start planting. I received some geraniums in the mail today and I have seeds for my cool season veggies to put in the garden.

I need to get back to the pool – I haven’t been there yet this month which means I’m way behind schedule. I will definitely need to do better next month. I should go before then but I don’t think I’ll make it. I’m shopping for the food to prepare for our church’s Lenten dinner tomorrow, I have 2 lunch dates with friends(one a very belated birthday celebration), I’m helping my son make dessert for his Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet and I need to get supplies for the girl to make desserts for the youth group progressive dinner this weekend. Not much time to fit in swimming.

I definitely need to come up with a schedule so I can at least try to get things done. I’m great at making them but not very good at following them. But you never know, this time around could be the time it sticks.  Do you have a schedule, a routine or just fly by the seat of your pants?? I’m curious and would love to hear from you – don’t be shy – someone has to go first and it might as well be you. Please leave a comment.  Thanks

One Million!

Just a quick note to say I reached one million steps sometime yesterday. That means I am one fifth of the way to my goal for the year. I’m 6 days behind my original schedule which is actually better than I expected considering all the really frigid days we have had this winter. I’m feeling very pleased with myself.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep moving towards your goal(s).

Asking for Help

So, I’m supposed to go on retreat this weekend since I postponed my original date to stay home with the girl who was grounded( hubby and son were going on a cub scout camping trip and wouldn’t be home to supervise her). This has been on the calendar since mid-January – it was not something that just popped up out of nowhere.  This morning my hubby says he’s not sure if  A. he can pick up the boy afterschool on Friday and B.  be around this weekend to supervise the boy. In a normal family this would not be a problem because the teenage daughter would just have to babysit her nine year old brother.

Unfortunately, we are not a normal family. Teenage daughter and nine year old brother can not be together unsupervised for more than a few minutes before one of them does something that causes the other one to have a meltdown and then WW3 begins. So hubby says can’t you find someone to A. pick up the boy afterschool and watch him for an hour until the girl gets home and B. ask someone to take the boy for a couple of hours on Saturday. This should not be a problem for a normal mom but see above – we are not a normal family.

What if I do the unthinkable and ask for help? Why you may  ask is that unthinkable. Mainly because I have an extremely hard time asking anyone for help.  It causes me enormous stress to even think about asking for help.  There are many reasons – I don’t want to be a bother, I don’t want to seem needy, I think my family should be able to handle things if I can’t,  I worry about what others will think of me, I worry about how my child will behave, I worry that I won’t be able to return the favor, and on and on.

Today however, I was looking at my vision board and saw the Eleanor Roosevelt quote – Do one thing everyday that scares you. So I did it. I asked a mom at the bus stop if she could watch Matthew for a couple of hours this weekend. I offered her the two options and she volunteered for both! I nearly cried I was so relieved to have actually done it  and so grateful that she said yes. Of course I am still worried that the boy will misbehave or that she thinks I’m a bother but I’m going to try and not think about those things. Instead I’m going to be proud of myself for asking for help and for making sure that I get what I need — some time away/some time for myself this weekend.

After reading over this I want to add that it is a busy time for my husband – he is shutting down his business and moving equipment into a new building. I’m just frustrated that he ended up doing it on this weekend when he knew that I wouldn’t be around. I feel like he should have planned things a bit better since he has been working on this for the last two months. I feel like the family’s needs have not been considered lately and it has been stressing me out a bit.  I don’t know if things could have been handled any better but I wish they had been handled differently.

Books read

Motiv8n’ U  by Staci Boyer – another self-help book – what can I say – I love them but I need to start working on doing what I’m reading. Several great quotes that went up on my vision board.

Stash Envy and Other Quilting Adventures by Lisa Boyer – humorous look at quilters and quilting

How To Master Your Muck by Kathi Burns – Best take away – “Umbrella Days” – blocking out time periods that are used for specific tasks. Heard it before but it really resonated with me this time around.

The Buzz by Thelma Wells – interesting combination of  bee related facts and scripture to help you solve problems you are experiencing

Tuesday Tidbits

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

Rough day today. Woke up to a freezer that wasn’t freezing and went straight to catastrophe thinking – all my food is going to be ruined, my plans for today are shot, why didn’t I look into a new freezer several months ago when it started leaking and making funny noises, where can I go to get a freezer delivered today, etc.  Looked to hubby to save me(’cause my love language is acts of service) but didn’t get what I was hoping for –  to be fair he did have some ideas for me but he is in the middle of  keeping his business running while setting up a new building and participating in a trade show so he really didn’t have time to help me out. So I try stuffing as much as I can into the freezer section of my refrigerator and set off to find a new freezer.

Several hours later I’m on my way home and second guessing myself about my purchase – wondering if I spent too much, is it too big, did I get the right features, etc. What do I discover when I get home – the freezer appears to be working again. Ugh. Still going through with the purchase because the freezer is old and acting up so hopefully this new one work out.

It was absolutely  gorgeous today but it is supposed to be cold again tomorrow with possible rain/sleet/snow. I do hope that spring comes soon. I am so ready for the warm weather and the beginning of garden season. Lots of dead stuff to clear out, pruning of the fruit trees, grape vines and berry bushes to be done and then prepping the veggie beds and seed planting.

Still haven’t been swimming but I’m doing pretty good with the steps the past few days. Not sure if I can make it to the pool this week or not. I know I need to if I’m going to get close to my goal but so far it has just been too much of a struggle to do.

Guess that’s it for this installment – see you next time around.


402 Down and 1098 To Go

Measure Up Monday – a semi-regular feature where I update the progress of  one or more of my goals.

I located yet another tiny piece of paper with some books I’ve  read and  just spent half an hour updating my  list and hopefully it is now up to date. When I started this blog one of my 6 goals was to read 1500 books, so far I have read 402.

So far this year I have read 42 books – not a pace I am likely to keep up but a good dent in my goal for the year. I  have read a lot of fiction lately. I tend to read those books in one sitting because I hate be kept hanging – I want to know how it ends and I want to know now! This is good for my reading goal but not so good for my fitness goals, the cleanliness of my house or the nutrition of my family.

I will try to get a review post up later this week although it will just include my non-fiction reads because there are just too many fiction books and it is harder for me to review them.

What have you been reading lately? How do you fit reading into your life? I’d love to hear from you and perhaps get some new ideas.

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