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Fitness Friday

Thinking ahead to next month – really need to get on track and start exercising and watch what I’m putting in my mouth. Going to start slow and hope to get it to be a regular thing.

Gained a little bit of weight but the measurements are still the same. Not very close to my beginning of the year goals.  Will have to work hard for the next 5 months to reach them. I am going to concentrate on trying to get rid of 2 pounds next month. Do more walking and biking to hopefully burn some major calories.

Fitness Friday

It has been way too hot to do any exercising/walking/biking around here. Fortunately it has also been too hot to want to eat much so I haven’t gained any weight. However it is frustrating to see no movement on the scale. Not sure what to do next – looks like it is going to be warm all weekend and into the beginning of the week.

Will try to do something with my diet until I can get back to some kind of physical activity.

Fitness Friday

I was glad to see the scale did not go up this week. It didn’t go down either but I wasn’t expecting it to since I didn’t get out to walk again this week. I still can’t seem to commit to doing what needs to be done.

I did get something that may help – DH went out and got me a bike so we can do family bike rides. It still needs a bit of work but it looks like I’ll be riding soon.  Wish DH would move that quickly on some of the other stuff that needs done.

Fitness Friday

Nice surprise this week. I’m down from last week. Still not back to my lowest point but I did lose a bit last week. Now to keep it up.

Kids will both be at camp next week and I will try to get back to walking each day. Also will try to get the exercise thing going again. Need to do something for my arms and abs.

Fitness Friday

A depressing but not unexpected weight gain this week.  With the kids home and my walking partners gone, I did no walking this week. What I did do was finish off too much ice cream and just generally eat too much all around.

I really need to get myself moving and try to work up some kind of plan. I have no real  motivation to do it.  Nothing seems to keep me on the right track.

I know that exercise would help my depression, get rid of some flab, tone up my muscles,  be a good example for my kids and please my hubby.  Eating better would also be a good example for the kids, help my long term health, help me to lose weight and please my hubby.

So why do I keep doing the things I know are wrong?? What am I afraid will happen if I really try? Am I afraid of failing or afraid of what might happen if I succeed?? No answers today, just lots of questions.

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