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Tidbit Thursday

Just another unedited/sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in  my head today…

Every time I start to get some momentum something happens and I end up back at the beginning again. I had been doing so well with the weeding but I haven’t been out since Sunday. First I go stung two days in a row when trying to weed around a sage plant I have. Then camp started and it’s too hot by the time I get home and I don’t seem to get out in the evening to do it. UGH!

I can’t seem to get a grip on the paperwork that comes in – between the house, the business, school, bills, the newspaper – I never seem to get caught up on things. The pile gets bigger and bigger and things slip through the cracks because I don’t want to be the one who has to deal with them. I’m tired of being an adult – I wish I could give it all up and have some one else deal with it for awhile.

There is too much house to deal with – why did I ever think that it would be a good idea to try to renovate a church?? There is just too much to take care of. It really is just too much. We should probably try to sell it and find a smaller space but I hate the thought of leaving.  I don’t think we’d get a good price for it with the amount of work that still needs done.

Enough moaning/complaining/griping for today.. Hopefully I’ll be in a better frame of mind  next time. Until then I hope you are having a better day than I am.

Tidbit Thursday

Just another sloppy, unedited installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

This summer my church has been doing a new thing called FIT Church where we go to a local park for some faith and fitness activities. We get a verse to read and some questions to ponder then we separate to do some sort of physical activity(hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing) and then meet up to discuss the questions and our responses.  It has been a good experience and last night was the last one. I took the boy with me and we had a good time. The focus for the evening was the gifts of nature and we were lucky enough to see a blue heron, about a  dozen deer, mostly fawns and either several groundhogs or beaver.

The weeding continues although there has been a lot of rain so more weeds are springing up everywhere. We’ve been putting mulch down and the pile is almost gone – may need to get more to cover all the spots that are being cleared. I need to eventually get some plants for fall color. There isn’t that much blooming  in the garden right now. I did buy a mum for the front steps so that is one small spot of color.

Have not actually done much on the job search – I keep looking hoping to find my “dream” job. The fact that I don’t know what my “dream” job is makes it a bit difficult to find! I’m still struggling because I don’t want to have to get a job. I know that is a childish attitude and that it is very hard in this day and age to not have both parents working but it still annoys me that I have to do it. Then I think about the fact that the hubby doesn’t have a choice and feel ashamed that I even have those feelings. I look back and think about things could be different if we had made other choices but that really isn’t helpful. I need to just concentrate on moving forward, Ugh, being an adult is not as fun as I thought it would  be. Enough of that – off to do something that will move me forward.

Hope  that  you are having a great day wherever you are and whatever you are doing .

Tidbit Thursday

Just another unedited, sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…


My dad has successfully transitioned to a skilled care facility and is definitely getting back to normal. He has been receiving dialysis, PT and OT services and is becoming more alert and communicative. He still has times of tiredness but he looks and sounds much better. He’s also feeling better about the food he is getting. Although they won’t give him a hot dog with mustard and onions, they have given him oreos and ice cream which has made his day.

This has been a good week for getting the garden cleaned up. Everyone has been doing some work in the evenings and my hubby is glad to see the mulch pile in the middle of his grass slowly disappearing.  Almost all of the established garden beds have been weeded and we have done some work to clear out the overgrown orchard and meadow areas.  There is still too much to get done this summer but we are getting closer to our desired look. If we can just keep plugging away, we might get everything done before we are too old to enjoy it!

18 days till school starts – hard to believe the summer is close to winding down. Haven’t received our supply list yet – hope we get it soon before all the good sales are over. Need to get the boy new pants – his old ones are either too short or have too many holes. I’m not sure about shirts and socks, need to check out his closet. Also needs some shoes.

Also looks like I’ll be looking for a job. We need more money coming in if we are going to meet our goals. I’m not sure what kind of  job I can get after being out of the workforce for almost twenty years. My degree is no longer current and actually I don’t think I would want to teach anymore. It would be nice to have a school related job so I don’t have to worry about the boy when he isn’t in school. He’s getting old enough to spend some time on his own but not eight or more hours a day. I’m not looking forward to this but it’s time to pitch in and help out in a different way.

The neighborhood church bazaar/festival begins today. That means cars parking everywhere, trash left everywhere and noise. Hopefully the boy has finally realized the futility of trying to win at the games so there won’t be any meltdowns as there have been in the past. I do like to check out the book sale, the flea market, the bake sale and the Chinese auction as I have found some good buys there over the years.

For now it’s time to head back to work. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great day!

Tidbit Thursday

Just another unedited, sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

The boy has been sick this week and missed going to camp. I missed the chance to have solid blocks of alone time to try and get myself back together. This has been a crazy summer and I was looking forward to a chance to try to regroup a bit.

We are headed back to see my dad this weekend. He has been moved to a skilled nursing facility to get some rehab before returning home. There are a lot of arrangements to be made before that happens. We need to make some things a bit more accessible and we need to find transportation to and from dialysis. that will be the really hard part since he lives in a small town with out bus service.

Have been out in the garden weeding a bit each day. Mostly it’s just keeping the few areas I managed to clear out to stay clear. There are still whole areas that need to be started and then kept up with. Looks like another summer where the plans were bigger than the efforts. Perhaps some day I’ll manage to get what I plan done but not this summer.

Need to pack and do a couple of things to get ready for the trip. Have a great day wherever you are.

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