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April results and May Goals

Here are the results for April. I didn’t do as much physical decluttering this month – only got rid of 12 items but I did purge some possible to read items from my way too big list. I’m still working on clearing things out and hope to do a bit better in May.

Hit 24 out of 28 days(85%) with the boy’s training which was my best so far. Slowly starting to see some results.

Was able to do my five minutes of exercise and some bedtime stretching everyday! Didn’t get in every strength training session that I had planned and sometimes the exercise happened right before bed but I did something everyday. Now to keep it up this month.

Also am still keeping track of my bedtime – slipped a bit there 23 out of 30 days(77%) but improved with getting off the computer – 16 out of 30 days(53%).

I’m sticking with the same goals for May and hopefully I will continue to do a little better each time.

How did you do with your goals last month? What are you working on this month? Please share in the comments

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