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Fitness Friday

Another horrible  week!!

pounds to lose 12

daily average steps 15,273

But at least I’ve learned where I’m getting into trouble. It’s in my eating habits. There was a time when I was measuring/weighing every bite I put in my mouth. Then I started to just “eyeball” things and now I’ve gotten way off the mark.  I’m thinking I’m eating one serving when I’m actually eating one and a half or two.

According to the calculator on one of those fitness/nutrition sites(which I can’t remember ) I have a dailyneed for 1290 calories. If I’m doing some form of  exercise daily  I can go up to 1775 calories. This week I have been eating between 2000 and 2500 calories a day. That is an excess of anywhere from 1575 to 5075 calories a week. That translates into .45 to 1.45 pounds gained in a week.

Obviously, I need to do some serious revamping of the diet. I want to come up with some meals that I can have and know exactly what the calorie counts are. I want to come up with some snacks that will fill me up and keep me satisfied.

I will also need to pick up the pace when it comes to exercising. Maybe doing some riding on the stationary bike or try to increase my speed while I’m walking.

There are 95 days to go in my hundred day challenge, here’s how I’m doing so far.

-Take a least 15000 steps per day  4/5

-Write down what I eat and see how much I’m taking in to help me create a daily calorie goal – I will try to limit myself to 1800 and up my activity level and hope that will work  new daily calorie goal is 1800

-Zumba class once a week  1/1

-Start doing some exercises for my arms, abs and legs will try to do this 3 times/week – have done twice so far this week

-Get to bed by 10 pm every day  1/5

Obviously I have my work cut out for me. Here’s hoping I will have a much better report next week. Have a great weekend.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

Once again I was able to do some work on my goals but have not completed them.  I spent several hours working in the garden this weekend, haven’t done much since because it has been wet and cold.  I am almost done with the back to school forms and then I will get back to work on my pile of papers. Zumba was good this week and I am looking forward to next week.

How are you doing on your goals?

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rambling around in my head today…

If you are following along from the last Fitness Friday post you should know that on my very first day I blew the challenge. I stayed up late, I only walked a little over 5000 steps and I was at a church luncheon and then went to the Olive Garden for dinner(to celebrate my anniversary) so I definitley wasn’t watching what I had to eat. But yesterday was a new day and things went much better. Now to keep on doing the right stuff!!

Also, I did follow through with yesterday’s task and decided on a quilt project to work on. I will be making a 6 inch block with a Halloween or harvest theme. Hopefully I can get it done before Halloween comes and goes.

Still a ton to do in the garden – need to prioritize what must get done and what I’d like to get done.

Has been in the upper 40’s in the mornings – definitely speeds my walking along. I’m not quite ready to bring out the sweaters, coats,hats, etc. Expecting some rain off and on this week, not sure how much time I’ll have to be outside.

Kids will be home tomorrow and I think we’ll do some baking. I’d like to have some muffins in the freezer so I can pull them out whenever I want.

Be back on Thursday – have a great day


I’ve been emailing with my sister which leads me to thinking about my quilting goal. The girl has decided on a pattern but not fabrics. While I’m waiting for that decision, I’m going to go through my stash of possible projects and try to do a few small ones. That way I will get some practice/experience before I start on hers. In fact I should go up right now and see what I want to work on and then report back tomorrow. Look for an announcement tomorrow.

Fitness Friday – a day late

I tried to post yesterday but it got lost in the internet pending file I guess.  It  was not a good week.

pounds to lose  11.6  yes I went up again

daily step average 15025

I walked more, did a few(ok, a very  few) ab and arm exercises and went to Zumba class. It appears that I need to do more walking and definitely more exercises. I think I need to put a bit more effort into Zumba as well. It is cooler now and I didn’t sweat as much this week – perhaps the sweat was due to the heat and not the exercise.

I would like to think that the weight gain was due to increased muscle mass but clearly that is not so. Instead I must put the blame on the Aldi version of Nutella – I love Nutella but buy it infrequently due to the cost(and the fact that I have no will power). This week I saw a Nutella-like spread and decided to try it and see how it compared.  Bad move – it was gone in 3 days. I know better – I know I have no will power and shouldn’t even buy stuff like that- but I did it anyway.

There are 100 days left in this year and I’m going to buckle down and really work at getting  rid of this weight.  11.6 pounds translates to 186 ounces. That  means I need to lose less than a pound( 14 ounces to be precise) a week – I should – no I will do my best to hit that goal.

How to make it happen??

-Take a least 15000 steps per day

-Write down what I eat and see how much I’m taking in to help me create a daily calorie goal

-Zumba class once a week

-Start doing some exercises for my arms, abs and legs

-Get to bed by 10 pm every day

I may add more later but I’m going to start with these and  work to meet them consistently.

Wish me luck  – I will surely need it and will definitely appreciate  it!

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

Well, I did a bit in the garden, a bit of my paper pile and another Zumba class.  Since all still have work to be done I will repeat them for next week.

Everytime I get close to the end of my pile of papers, someone comes and long and adds something else for me to take care of. It just never ends!

Tidbit Tuesday

Here is a sampling of the random thoughts running around in my brain …

I can’t decide if I’m happy I can’t weed due to the rain or sad that I can’t weed! There is just so much stuff I want to get done in the garden before it gets too cold.

I love being able to feed my family from our garden.

Why did it have to rain during bus pickup and dropoff times??

Really need to update my booklist – I have a lot of books to get on there

Have been decluttering but haven’t updated that list in ahile either. I don’t think I can remember all the things I’ve gotten rid of since3 the last time I updated the list.

I really need to develop and strengthen my “follow through” muscles – they are quite pitiful as of now. It might help if I don’t start so many things/projects at one time.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday


Monthly Update Monday  – today’s topic – A trip to the Galapagos Islands

I want to add a side trip to go to Machu Picchu when I go to the Galapagos Islands.  I’ve been researching some options and I have $6000 in my travel fund. I’d like to have at least $10,000 by the time I’m ready to go. I’m on track to do that as long as I continue to put $40 monthly  into the fund. It is already set up to happen automatically so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose  10.8

daily step average 12007

Really disappointed that I went back up again. I can’t seem to make any progress on the weight loss.  I really need to get serious about weighing what I’m eating and watching my calorie counts. I’ve been doing more moving around so I should be burning more calories unless I’m eating more than I think. I hate to record my food but I think it is the only way for me to get the scale moving down.

Zumba was okay. I’m definitely sweating a ton during the hour. I’m getting the hang of the steps but I do still get mixed up some times.

Maybe I’ll get motivated and do some kind of exercise this weekend. We’ll see how it goes.

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

Yea! I worked on all of last week’s to do items. I got rid of another 10 five gallon buckets of weeds(yes, I had a forest of weeds to remove after letting them grow for so long), enjoyed my first Zumba class and made a serious dent in the pile of papers on my desk.

I will continue to work on those three tasks again this coming week. I think I will be able to clear up the paper pile and then I will try to stay on top of things so it doesn’t reappear. The garden will take more than a week to get done but I’ll just keep plugging away at it.  In fact I’m off to do some work there as soon as I finish this.

Be back tomorrow with a weigh in and step update. See you then


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