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Thursday Tidbits – The Job Search

Just another unedited, sloppy edition of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

So I’ve been thinking about my “dream job” ever since I wrote about it awhile ago and lo and behold up pops a job that at first glance seemed to be the one. It was for a part time position at a fabric shop – doing a little bit of a lot of things – shop maintenance, sales, helping with design projects and social media efforts. They asked you to email a resume or just stop in, drop it off and chat. I decided to just drop in and chat since I do not have a resume. Unfortunately the person I needed to talk to was not in the shop at the time. I left my contact info and planned to write up a resume and send it in.

The aspects that make it my “dream job” were that it would be part time, it is working with fabric, it is within walking distance, the hours would be pretty good, I would get to learn more about fabric and perhaps have time to work on my projects or at last be more motivated to work on them.

Then my doubts started cropping up – I haven’t worked in years so I have no work history, I love fabric but I’m not really good at designing/matching patterns or colors, I’m too introverted to sell, I don’t know anything about social media and on and on.  I tried putting together a resume but all the doubts kept creeping in and I ended up not creating anything.

Then I was going through old journals and found an entry where I had written down a description of another “dream job”. This was around having a few clients whose gardens I took care of. This would allow me to spend time outside, work with plants, have minimal interaction with others and allow me to create my own schedule. A few days after that another job posting came up. This one is for a part time horticulturist working in malls and office buildings taking care of plant installations.

I didn’t need a resume – you just had to fill out an application online. So before I had time to second guess myself I filled out the application and sent it in. I got a call and scheduled an interview. The interview went okay – I made a few mistakes but overall I think it went okay. They will be finishing up interviews this week and will let everyone know by the end of next week. So now it’s just wait and see what they have to say.

So that’s what has been happening here lately. I’ll be back tomorrow with a progress report for the 100 day challenge – hope to see a report from you as well. Until then, wherever and whatever you are doing, have a great day!


Tidbit Thursday

Just another sloppy, unedited installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

This summer my church has been doing a new thing called FIT Church where we go to a local park for some faith and fitness activities. We get a verse to read and some questions to ponder then we separate to do some sort of physical activity(hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing) and then meet up to discuss the questions and our responses.  It has been a good experience and last night was the last one. I took the boy with me and we had a good time. The focus for the evening was the gifts of nature and we were lucky enough to see a blue heron, about a  dozen deer, mostly fawns and either several groundhogs or beaver.

The weeding continues although there has been a lot of rain so more weeds are springing up everywhere. We’ve been putting mulch down and the pile is almost gone – may need to get more to cover all the spots that are being cleared. I need to eventually get some plants for fall color. There isn’t that much blooming  in the garden right now. I did buy a mum for the front steps so that is one small spot of color.

Have not actually done much on the job search – I keep looking hoping to find my “dream” job. The fact that I don’t know what my “dream” job is makes it a bit difficult to find! I’m still struggling because I don’t want to have to get a job. I know that is a childish attitude and that it is very hard in this day and age to not have both parents working but it still annoys me that I have to do it. Then I think about the fact that the hubby doesn’t have a choice and feel ashamed that I even have those feelings. I look back and think about things could be different if we had made other choices but that really isn’t helpful. I need to just concentrate on moving forward, Ugh, being an adult is not as fun as I thought it would  be. Enough of that – off to do something that will move me forward.

Hope  that  you are having a great day wherever you are and whatever you are doing .

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