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Tidbit Thursday

Just another sloppy, unedited installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

This summer my church has been doing a new thing called FIT Church where we go to a local park for some faith and fitness activities. We get a verse to read and some questions to ponder then we separate to do some sort of physical activity(hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing) and then meet up to discuss the questions and our responses.  It has been a good experience and last night was the last one. I took the boy with me and we had a good time. The focus for the evening was the gifts of nature and we were lucky enough to see a blue heron, about a  dozen deer, mostly fawns and either several groundhogs or beaver.

The weeding continues although there has been a lot of rain so more weeds are springing up everywhere. We’ve been putting mulch down and the pile is almost gone – may need to get more to cover all the spots that are being cleared. I need to eventually get some plants for fall color. There isn’t that much blooming  in the garden right now. I did buy a mum for the front steps so that is one small spot of color.

Have not actually done much on the job search – I keep looking hoping to find my “dream” job. The fact that I don’t know what my “dream” job is makes it a bit difficult to find! I’m still struggling because I don’t want to have to get a job. I know that is a childish attitude and that it is very hard in this day and age to not have both parents working but it still annoys me that I have to do it. Then I think about the fact that the hubby doesn’t have a choice and feel ashamed that I even have those feelings. I look back and think about things could be different if we had made other choices but that really isn’t helpful. I need to just concentrate on moving forward, Ugh, being an adult is not as fun as I thought it would  be. Enough of that – off to do something that will move me forward.

Hope  that  you are having a great day wherever you are and whatever you are doing .

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