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31 days toward completion – day 7

Lots of rain this morning but the sun came out later and I went out to the garden. I was able to get the paper and weed fabric down in the zen garden. I dug a small ditch around the border and filled it with pond pebbles. The next step is to go get sand to cover the area. I have some small boulders to put on the sand and want to create some “stones” to add to the area. I am debating about adding some solar lighting pieces. I will think about that a bit before making a decision. Also want to get a rake to use to create patterns/designs in the sand. I would like something that I can leave outside but don’t want plastic, maybe bamboo?

It feels good to get this project moving but my typical problem is popping up now – I need to get something in order to finish the project and I don’t have the time to do it right now. In my mind I put in on the list and “plan” to do it tomorrow, however by the time tomorrow comes my motivation/desire is usually gone and the next step doesn’t get done. Especially in cases like this when I need to get help to accomplish the task. I will need to make several trips to fit all the sand bags in my car or ask my hubby to do it for me with his work truck. The thought of multiple trips is not pleasant and I hate to ask my hubby to do things during the week when I know he has already had a hard day of work. Not sure what I’ll do about this but I’ll let you know when I decide.

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