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Fitness Friday

Average steps this week – 14,723     weight  up 1.6 lbs

Is anyone else getting tired of  my weight yoyo?? I am so frustrated with my inability to stay focused and move forward on this journey.  It seems like every other week I am revealing another gain. I can not seem to conquer this thing.

I know that part of it has to do with my motivation. My original motivation was to get healthy but that was soon joined by a desire to please my DH. He wanted me to get back to my pre-child body because he did not find the after child body as attractive.  I was really hurt by that admission and it has truly messed with my thoughts and actions.

Part of me is upset that my shape is that important to him but part of me understands that visual stimuli is very important to most men. I  go back and forth between being angry with his comments and trying to see it from the male point of view. There are a lot of other emotions around the issue and it is making it very hard for me to make progress.

I should just forget about that and concentrate on the other reasons I have for losing the weight – to be healthy, to improve my quality of life, to be an example for my children and to strengthen my opportunity to live a fulfilling life for as long as I am able. Why is that so hard??

Enough of this – I need to go do something and get my mind off of this. Have a great weekend everyone.

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