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Fitness Friday

Okay, I haven’t done one of these for awhile. Let me think about what I’ve done lately. I stepped away from the constant monitoring and worrying about weight gain/loss and haven’t been doing any regularly scheduled stuff.  Then there was the summer of Lyme Disease. As I got my energy back, I started doing some yoga and very minimal body weight type exercises.

Then we joined a gym and I started swimming. I have been enjoying the swims – I’m up to a total of 500 meters in 30 minutes. Right now I just go once across the pool(25 meters) then rest before doing it again. I’d like to start going for 50 meters/rest and see how I do. I  haven’t been lately so I may need to stick with the old stuff before trying this new idea. Although I have a tendency to not push myself so maybe I should try to do the new goal. I need to  serious about getting there at least once a week – I do feel good once I’m done but it is a struggle some days to get there.

I did get down to my goal weight but it has gone up again with the holiday related eating. I’m not stressing about it but I am trying to not going overboard with eating treats. I need to practice moderation. I will never be able to completely give up sweets but I can choose to limit myself and truly enjoy what I do choose to eat.

I am thinking about trying to do the 5 million step challenge again. Walking is relaxation, meditation, exercise and a form of self-care for me and I have missed it.  I have actually been researching the Fitbit as a tool to help me reach that goal.  Hopefully it will work better than the pedometers I’ve used in the past.

I need to head out to do some Christmas shopping so I’ll close for now. Have a great day.

Fitness Friday

Oh, how I hate writing this entry. I completely bombed with my 100 day challenge to end the year. I did not do the things I was supposed to. I ate too much and ended up weighing more than when  I started last January.

This year I am focusing on my health.  I will improve my health by developing and maintaining consistent small steps/actions/choices in various areas.  I am still trying to get down to my goal weight and need to lose 7.4 pounds. My weight loss goal will be one pound per month.

Each month I will pick one area to focus on and as I said yesterday, I will be working on the area of sleep this month. I continue to see new research findings that link good sleep to various factors of weight gain/loss.  I also know that I function much better when I am getting enough sleep. I have disrupted my patterns over the last few years and I need to get my good habits back.

What are you going to focus on this year? Anyone care to share their plans?? Have a great weekend.

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Had a lovely dinner at my in-laws. I did eat too much but I’m working on getting rid of it.

Have had a little bit of snow which is nice to look at. DS made a few snowballs and that just about cleared the yard!

Still need to cover two vegetable beds but most everything else is done.

Not really in the Christmas mood yet. I dread the shopping  – not sure what to do about it all. Did pick up one or two things but there is much more to get.

Still feeling unmotivated and lazy – off to try to find something to get me up and moving.

Fitness Friday

Here is the latest update for my 100 Day Challenge

getting to bed by 10 pm  20 out of 33

taking at least 15,000 steps   22 out of 33

Zumba class  4 out of 4

exercise  6 out of 12

less than `1800 calories   11 out of 22

pounds to lose  9

average daily steps   20,062

Overall, I am okay with my results. Between the Boy Scout Tea and eating out twice, I was worried that I would have gained a lot but .2 lbs is not bad.

Haven’t found a replacement for my Zumba class but I’m still looking around. Hopefully I’ll find something by next Thursday.

Now I’m off to get some work done in the orchard. Have a great day



Fitness Friday

Another horrible  week!!

pounds to lose 12

daily average steps 15,273

But at least I’ve learned where I’m getting into trouble. It’s in my eating habits. There was a time when I was measuring/weighing every bite I put in my mouth. Then I started to just “eyeball” things and now I’ve gotten way off the mark.  I’m thinking I’m eating one serving when I’m actually eating one and a half or two.

According to the calculator on one of those fitness/nutrition sites(which I can’t remember ) I have a dailyneed for 1290 calories. If I’m doing some form of  exercise daily  I can go up to 1775 calories. This week I have been eating between 2000 and 2500 calories a day. That is an excess of anywhere from 1575 to 5075 calories a week. That translates into .45 to 1.45 pounds gained in a week.

Obviously, I need to do some serious revamping of the diet. I want to come up with some meals that I can have and know exactly what the calorie counts are. I want to come up with some snacks that will fill me up and keep me satisfied.

I will also need to pick up the pace when it comes to exercising. Maybe doing some riding on the stationary bike or try to increase my speed while I’m walking.

There are 95 days to go in my hundred day challenge, here’s how I’m doing so far.

-Take a least 15000 steps per day  4/5

-Write down what I eat and see how much I’m taking in to help me create a daily calorie goal – I will try to limit myself to 1800 and up my activity level and hope that will work  new daily calorie goal is 1800

-Zumba class once a week  1/1

-Start doing some exercises for my arms, abs and legs will try to do this 3 times/week – have done twice so far this week

-Get to bed by 10 pm every day  1/5

Obviously I have my work cut out for me. Here’s hoping I will have a much better report next week. Have a great weekend.

Fitness Friday – a day late

I tried to post yesterday but it got lost in the internet pending file I guess.  It  was not a good week.

pounds to lose  11.6  yes I went up again

daily step average 15025

I walked more, did a few(ok, a very  few) ab and arm exercises and went to Zumba class. It appears that I need to do more walking and definitely more exercises. I think I need to put a bit more effort into Zumba as well. It is cooler now and I didn’t sweat as much this week – perhaps the sweat was due to the heat and not the exercise.

I would like to think that the weight gain was due to increased muscle mass but clearly that is not so. Instead I must put the blame on the Aldi version of Nutella – I love Nutella but buy it infrequently due to the cost(and the fact that I have no will power). This week I saw a Nutella-like spread and decided to try it and see how it compared.  Bad move – it was gone in 3 days. I know better – I know I have no will power and shouldn’t even buy stuff like that- but I did it anyway.

There are 100 days left in this year and I’m going to buckle down and really work at getting  rid of this weight.  11.6 pounds translates to 186 ounces. That  means I need to lose less than a pound( 14 ounces to be precise) a week – I should – no I will do my best to hit that goal.

How to make it happen??

-Take a least 15000 steps per day

-Write down what I eat and see how much I’m taking in to help me create a daily calorie goal

-Zumba class once a week

-Start doing some exercises for my arms, abs and legs

-Get to bed by 10 pm every day

I may add more later but I’m going to start with these and  work to meet them consistently.

Wish me luck  – I will surely need it and will definitely appreciate  it!

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose  10.8

daily step average 12007

Really disappointed that I went back up again. I can’t seem to make any progress on the weight loss.  I really need to get serious about weighing what I’m eating and watching my calorie counts. I’ve been doing more moving around so I should be burning more calories unless I’m eating more than I think. I hate to record my food but I think it is the only way for me to get the scale moving down.

Zumba was okay. I’m definitely sweating a ton during the hour. I’m getting the hang of the steps but I do still get mixed up some times.

Maybe I’ll get motivated and do some kind of exercise this weekend. We’ll see how it goes.

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

I’m so off schedule – the funeral and all that went with that really messed up my week.

I didn’t bother to weigh myself because I know it wouldn’t be pretty. No exercise and too much stress eating. Need to buckle down and get into a better routine.

I was able to get some stuff done in the garden – we have watermelon and cantaloupe  growing and some tomatoes. The raspberries are coming in and they are so good.

Need to get back to work on the playroom – I really want to get that done and move onto another room.

Only one more month until my slave labor  children go back to school. As usual there was so much I planned to do but very little got done.

Off to do some work before getting everyone into bed.

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose  12

average steps   9582

It has been a very disappointing week. I haven’t been able to do much of anything in terms of exercise. I’ve done too much eating and too much sitting.

Doctor thinks that I have bursitis and reccommended rest, naproxen and ice. Hopefully it will start to help soon. I’m getting tired of not being able to do things. I want to be up and doing stuff.

Guess that’s it for now.  Have a great weekend.

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose – 10.6

average steps  – 12,000/day

I’ve been having computer problems today, so I’ll make this short.

I’m having trouble with my pedometer again. It seemed like I should have more steps than I do lately. So today I checked my count after I walked DS to the school bus. It was way off. I checked the battery but it is still good. Don’t know what the problem is but I’m frustated and annoyed. Not sure what I’m going to do about this. Need to think about it before I make a decision.

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