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31 days toward completion – day 31

I forgot to write an entry yesterday to finish up my 31 days. I ran around doing errands in the morning and then spent the afternoon reading a good book. Then it was hurry up and make dinner so we could do trick or treat activities. After that we shared candy while watching Wreck It Ralph before heading off to bed. So no work done on any projects during the last day of the challenge.

Overall I am very pleased with my progress. Here once again, is the original list and what I accomplished during the month of October

1. Library wish list – have a bunch of books written down on little slips of paper and want to put them all on the library’s wish list – finished

2. Books I’ve read list – same thing – I have little slips of paper with the books I’ve read and need to get them all on here so I can see how many I have read and how close I am to my 1500 goal – added 20 books to the list, still have lots more to go since I realized that I haven’t updated since July of 2012 –  up-to-date with a total of 303 read

3. Zen garden – need to put down newspaper, weed fabric and sand; dig a border and fill with pond stones; arrange my big rocks  –have finished the newspaper, weed fabric and the stone border, got the sand but now I’m debating whether I want to do it now or leave it until winter is over –   have decided to wait until spring to put the sand and big rocks in place

4. Shrub area – finish mulching – this is done

5. Orchard – weed, seed, cut down trees – have done some weeding, did the seeding  – have decided to put the trees off until spring

6. Veggie beds – harvest, pull out and dispose of plants, add compost, cover for winter – harvest is completed, compost has been added and all beds are covered

7. Compost – empty out bin – this is completed.

8. Bookcase – put together, put books on – this is completed

9. Quilt fabrics – sort and figure out how/where to store

10. Mat for loft – order mat for exercise area – ordered, arrived, put together and ready to use

11. Yard sale leftovers – put in bags/boxes and arrange for pickup

12. Business IRA forms – need to fill out and send in – this is done


I am planning to do a similar thing in November. Once I decide on my project list, I will put it on the blog and then try to update weekly. Right now I’m off to savor one of the treats from last night.

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