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31 days toward completion – day 21

Did some more work on my book lists. It is amazing how much there is to do on both of these lists. I keep finding more books to add to my books to read list. I’ve discovered that I am way behind in several series that I have started and that some of the new authors I have discovered have several other books that sound good. I definitely need to get back into the routine of reading books everyday. I have been spending too much time at the computer. Some of it is good – blogs like the 31 dayers- but other stuff not so good – endless computer games, reading facebook updates of people that I really don’t need to know about, celebrity information and the endless rabbit trails that crop up.

I have 15 pages of reading history on my library card to go through. There are 20 items on each page – 300 items!! Not all are books to add to the 1500 challenge list – some are dvds of Criminal Minds and some are things my kids have put on my card because they didn’t have their card at the time. Still, I need to go through the items and see which ones I need to put on the list. This could easily be several hours worth of work. I ‘m not going to think of that – I’m just going to take baby steps and do 15 minutes worth of work whenever I can fit it in. It will eventually get done and then the job will be to stay current.

Enough of this for today – it is time to get off the computer and do something else.


Tuesday Tidbits

Less than a week until I start my small group personal training sessions.  I’m really worried about how I will perform. I hope I’m not the only one who hasn’t done much weight work before this.

We had snow on Saturday. It looked very pretty but I’m not ready for fall to be done. There is still a lot to do in the garden.

Trick or Treat night was rainy and cool. Didn’t get as many visitors as we usually do. Kids got a lot of candy. I need to sort through it and take any caramel, gum  and other sticky stuff out. I took a quick look last night but didn’t see any Milk Duds -boo hoo.

I hope to update the declutter page sometime this week and try to get the book page up. We’ll see how I do managing my tasks.

Tuesday Tidbits

Here are some random thoughts for this beautiful October day

Only 2 weeks until Election Day here in PA. Will be so glad when the commercials are over.  Don’t really feel confident about either of my choices for County Executive. Wish some new blood would enter the races. We need some new ideas.

Should have done some work in my garden today but I was stuck inside doing tax work. I really wish that I didn’t have the responsibility for it but I do.

I have reached the limit for my grocery store perks so I’m trying to get my list together. I would like to go shopping  tomorrow or Thursday. We’ll see how far I can get with the taxes.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to do. Can’t seem to prioritize.  I did okay with the list for a few days. I guess I should go back to that.

That’s it for now – see you on Friday


Time Budgeting -a new concept for me. I first read about it on the Life as Mom blog by Jessica Fisher. Then I looked into the links she had posted and it really appeals to me.

The basic premise is that you choose your priorities and how much time you want to spend on them each day.  Then you can move the activities around to fit in with any other things that come up in your day.

I could do one for days that I am home and one for days when I’m running around. Or one for days when I am mostly on my own(kids in school, hubby at work) and one for when we are all home.

I could have part that is always the same – those daily activities I always try to fit in and others for the things that get done once or twice a week.

I see a lot of possibilities here. This good be a very good tool.

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