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Tidbit Thursday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Lots of teenage drama around here lately. Its so hard to be in the middle and try to keep the peace.

Fifth grade promotion – didn’t have that when I was a kid. We just moved on but now it is a big deal with awards, a guest speaker, student performances and of course the parade of each child receiving a certificate and handshakes from the principal and teachers. All this in a crowded gym, on a hot day with no fans -ugh!

Now we begin the joy of trying to keep to a routine of chores, learning and fun when all he wants to do is watch tv, play video games and eat lots of junk food.

Have been spending an hour a day in the garden – weeding, deadheading, weeding,  watering, weeding. Still have a long way to go. Need to get some mulch down in some areas. I’ve started to dig out the island bed.  I had originally planted some sedum, a sweet autumn clematis, some bulbs and something else that I can’t remember in there. But there are the inevitable weeds along with some oregano and clover mixed in now. I did try to pull out the unwanted stuff but that is just not working, so I’m going to dig up most of it and start over.

I am way behind on my goal to finish all the items on the completion list. I need to recommit to finding time to work on these items and actually follow through on the plan to work on them.

I’m also behind on my step goal and I haven’t done a very good job of doing any kind of fitness. It is harder to fit in a couple of walks when the boy is home but we are going to try to swim at least once a week if not more. Well, at least on the weeks that he is home. He will be off  to camp for three weeks so who knows what will happen then.

Guess I’ll stop for now and try to get some work done. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Fitness Friday

We are now one-third of a way through the year and my fitness routine has fallen apart. I was doing fairly well through March but then Spring Break came and things went haywire. I need to once again get back into a routine and make more of an effort to stick to the program.  My stats so far are as follows:

12,000 steps per day  90/120                       Some yoga each day   95/120                                         100 days of planking    54/61

14,000 steps per day  57/120                        Strength/cardio 6 days/week  83/102

The goal for May is to walk at least 12,000 steps every day, practice the plank hold daily, do some kind of exercise for at least 8 minutes every day and to swim/bike/walk for at least 30 minutes 3 times. We’ll see how things go.

What are you doing to stay fit this month?

Fitness Friday

I’m still on pace to hit 5 million steps so I’m thinking that for next year I’ll try to add a few more – maybe shoot for 5 and a half million steps.

This is my list of possible goals for next year – I will not be attempting all of them – just one or two

– riding the stationary bike for 5 miles – see what my baseline time is and then try to halve it by the end of the year

– setting a distance goal for riding the stationary bike

– doing 10 “real” pushups

– swim once a week, starting distance of 250m and moving up

– jumping rope once a week, starting with one minute and working up to 10 minutes

– daily yoga or stretching for at least 5 minutes

I’m still mulling over things and trying to see how everything can work together. What are you planning to do fitness-wise in 2015. Please let me know, it might spark my thinking process.

Tidbit Tuesday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

I had a busy holiday weekend with visiting family, eating way too much, doing some Christmas shopping and taking care of a sick kid.

It is always so nice to spend time with family but it leaves me wanting more. I wish we lived closer or that we weren’t living such busy lives – something/anything that would make it easier to get together more often.

I didn’t do any Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday shopping but I did pick up a few things and still have more to do. It was so much easier and more fun when I wasn’t the one shopping for all the gifts and wondering if I was spending too much or not enough.

We( I should say hubby and the boy) decorated the yard and the windows plus put up the tree. Next is putting out the various decorations, nativity sets and Advent items. I’m not really feeling the holiday spirit but I’m trying to get things done. Wondering if  this is the last year for Santa Claus – he is ten and I’m not sure if he’ll believe much longer.

I’ve decided to give up on the swimming challenge – it just didn’t work out this year but I’m getting close to my 5 million steps which is exciting for me. Starting to think about next year. Not sure what I want to focus on but I do want to continue to work on my health/fitness journey. I don’t want it to be about pounds and inches – maybe it will be on number of steps/miles/pushups? As Fagin would say  “I’m reviewing the situation” before I decide.

With that in mind I’m off to listen to the Oliver soundtrack. Do let me know if you’ve begun setting some goals for next year, I’d love to know what you are up to.

Fitness Friday

Well, it has been quite awhile since I updated my progress. My original goals were twofold – a minimum goal and a stretch goal for 2 areas –  steps and swimming.

I really enjoy walking and thought that this would be a rewarding adventure. The chance to see my step count climb while spending time in nature seemed like a win/win situation and this has been the cases. For steps, my minimum goal was 3,650,000 steps for the year or an average of 10,ooo steps per day. My stretch goal was 5,000,000 steps for the year or an average of 13,700 steps per day. I’ve had my ups and downs with this goal but I have already met my minimum goal.  I am currently at 4,209,349 steps with 55 days to go. That works out to 14,376 steps per day. I’m worried about holiday events and bad weather keeping me from hitting the goal. I need to stay on top of things and try to build in some cushion for those times but I’m fairly confident that I can meet the goal.

I also enjoy swimming and thought that it would be a good way to get in some more physical activity. For swimming, my minimum goal was 26,000 meters and my stretch goal was 52,000 meters. I am not anywhere close to the minimum let alone the stretch goal. I have swum 3200 meters so far this year. I’ve been trying to figure out what the problem is and I’ve come up with several factors. First, it is a struggle for me to get  myself to the pool – I resent the amount of “extra” time that is involved in getting there. Second, I feel  as if I’m being judged by the others at the pool and come up lacking because of my skills – intellectually I know this isn’t true but still it lingers in my head. Third, I like to swim but I don’t like feeling like I have to do so many laps in a certain time or do them faster than I did before which is the feeling I get every time my hubby asks how it went at the pool.

I think the biggest problem is that this is not really a goal for me but one I made  for my hubby. He thinks I need to do more physical activity – to stay healthy, to lose weight and to tone up. I’m fairly happy with myself but agree that there is room for improvement. However, I do resent the focus on my weight and I feel like my body has betrayed me. I know it is partly  due to the normal aging process but I  miss  the days when I could eat anything(and everything), not exercise and stay thin. I’m still adjusting to my new normal and it isn’t easy. It doesn’t help that I’m not really athletic and I haven’t found a type of activity that I enjoy and want to do on a regular basis.  At this point, knowing that I’m not going to come anywhere close to the goal, I don’t have any motivation to go at all.

I guess that’s it for now. How are your fitness goals coming? What do you do for fitness? I’m looking for suggestions for something to try, so let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

Tuesday Tidbits

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

I’m feeling good about the work I’ve accomplished in the weed forest – still lots to go but there is a noticeable improvement. We’ve started to cut down the dead trees and I’m looking into possible replacements.

I’m feeling happy that my  son has made some friends in the neighborhood – it’s nice to not have to listen to the “there’s nothing to do” chorus.

I’m feeling frustrated because my daughter seems completely unable to follow simple rules and torn as to what possible consequences I can try this time around. It seems as though nothing ever really lasts and I’m tired of the battle. I can’t give up as I’ve done in the past but it is tough to stay the course.

I’m pleased that I finally got off my butt and got to the pool today – only 200 meters but it’s a start. First time in over 4 months – need to get serious about getting there at least once every week.

I really want/need to get myself into a more productive routine. I’m spending too much time on what I want to do and not enough on the things I need to do. It is starting to catch up to me in not so great ways – ugh.

I’m going to close for now before I get myself into a negative mindset – off to do something productive like finishing up the laundry.

Mid-year Goal Update – Fitness

Update on this year’s fitness goals – original goal in bold and updated goal in italics.

Steps – 10,000/day = 3,650,000 minimum         13,700/day = 5,000,000 stretch

As of 6/30/14, I have walked 2,468,083 steps which works out to 13,635/day  which puts me about 12,000 away from my stretch goal.

My new step goal is 10,000/day to reach 3,650,000 minimum and   13,761/day to reach 5,000,000 stretch

I think I can keep up the pace for the next few months. The challenge is to get ahead by November when the holidays and weather may put a cramp in my ability to meet the daily goals. We’ll see how things go. I’m definitely pleased with the progress so far on this goal.


Swimming – 26,000 meters  minimum         52,000 meters stretch

As of 6/30/14, I have swum 1800 meters –  a far cry from my goals. I have just not been able to get myself motivated to get to the pool. I’m hoping to do better but it will be a miracle if I manage to make it to my minimum. I’m just going to focus on getting there twice this month and we’ll see how many meters I can manage.


How are your fitness goals coming along? Anyone want to share?

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