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Fitness Friday

No movement on the scale this week. I thought there would be a gain because of all the junk food I’ve been eating. My pants are feeling a bit tight but there isn’t any weight gain.

My first week of step counting went well. I had over 80,000 steps. However, this week isn’t looking as good. I need to do some walking today and tomorrow to even get close to 70,000 for this week. We’ll see how it goes.

Now that most of the party leftovers are gone, I hope to get back to eating better. I have no will power – if the junk food is here, I will eat it. Hopefully I will get better with portion size if I can’t just avoid it altogether.

I’m off to camp for a weekend retreat. I am really looking forward to it. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Fitness Friday

Discouraged is the word for the day. My weight is up again.  It was a rough week – injured my leg, wasn’t able to walk in the mornings and was having trouble controlling my sweet tooth.

I di okay with Thanksgiving dinner – didn’t stuff myself with the bread stuff but did have salad with probably too much dressing and some gravy. Just need to remind myself that every meal is another chance to make good/better eating choices.

I really struggle with sweets – I just have no will power around them. I am not one of those people who can have one or two bites and then stop. I tend to eat the whole thing. I need to limit how many are in the house at any one time.  That is really the only choice for me.

Hopefully, I’ll get outside tomorrow and do some gardening and maybe take a walk. We’ll see how things go.

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