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Tidbit Thursday

Just another sloppy, unedited installment of the random thoughts running around in my head today…

Dad’s actual surgery went well but the recovery has not gone so well. One of his kidney’s has limited function so there has been a concern about his urine output. He has not been able to be weaned off the oxygen and after some testing they discovered that he had a heart attack. They put in several stents and he is in the Critical Care Unit. I’m going to try to go down again this weekend to see him and to have a talk with my sister and her kids about things.

There are five adults living in that house and not everyone is pulling their fair share. Things need to change and they need to change before Dad goes home from the hospital. Not sure how that conversation is going to go but I know that Dad is under stress from the way things are not being done. He’s 87 years old and he has earned the right to take it easy and let someone younger start taking care of him.

I’ve been helping out at Vacation Bible School this week and it has been a lot of fun. I’d forgotten how affectionate the little ones can be. It is so good to see them singing and playing and having a good time together. This is the boy’s first year to be a helper and he has done a pretty good job so far. He needs to be reminded to focus but he is good with the little ones.

Haven’t done much of anything in the garden – haven’t even really looked at it too closely because I just don’t have the time to get in there and do anything this week.

The girl is staying at her rental for another month but is supposed to be out August 1st. Still hasn’t found anything but she’s looking at lots of places.

More car trouble – the air conditioner was not working when we went to my dad’s and then last night it stalled out several times as I was coming home. Smoke came pouring out of the hood so I decided to leave it at the garage and walk home. The mechanic checked it out and says nothing is wrong. I have no desire to try to drive it 200 miles this weekend so I’m going to switch with the hubby and take his car. I’ll let him drive it around for awhile and make sure there is nothing wrong.

Until next time, I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are.

Tidbit Thursday

Just another sloppy, unedited installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Looks like I’ll be out of town for a few days. My dad’s surgery has been scheduled for July 8th. I’ll head down to help out for a few days. Won’t be able to stay long because of prior commitments but it will be nice to head down for a few days. Hopefully all will go well and he will be up and about without the pain he has been having.

Still up in the air about what the girl is doing – she hasn’t been in touch to let me know what is going on. Guess I’ll find out soon enough but it would be nice to be in the loop.

Ended up going to three different places to get the tire fixed and discovered that the stabilizer bar control link was broken. My mechanic said he had never in his 25 years seen that happen. Makes me wonder what she might have been doing with my car. I can’t wait for her to fix her car so that she doesn’t want to borrow mine any longer. Of course the hubby says just don’t lend it but I have difficulty telling her no(story of my life and the cause of so many of my/our problems).

Slowly ever so slowly the yard and garden is beginning to transform. My new lilies bloomed and they are quite interesting – Lionheart Tango – an Asiatic type of lily. I do like them but I’m not sure I like them where they are – I may move them once they have died back. Still doing lots of weeding – this week it has been the lily/herb bed. I put down some newspapers and mulch so hopefully that will keep the future weeding to a minimum. I normally plant parsley and basil in this area but I didn’t do that this year.

Need to head out to take the boy to the orthodontist. Till next time, I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are.

Tidbit Thursday

Just another unedited/sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Hubby’s surgery went well although they did find more damage than they had expected. He stayed two nights in the hospital and then came home. He has been dealing with some pain, difficulty sleeping and of course the constipation that comes with pain meds since he came home. I think it might be helpful if he followed the doctor’s instructions but that isn’t happening and there is only so much “reminding” I can do. He has a follow up with his primary doctor today, perhaps the doctor can convince him to do what he is supposed to do.

I’m trying to deal with the fact that someone is here all day and the noise that comes with that. The worst is the noise. I am unusually sensitive to noises and he is either snoring, watching some war/history documentary or listening to a playlist on the computer. It wouldn’t be so bad if I also enjoyed the documentaries or playlists but for the most part I don’t share his tastes.

I have spent some time each day out in the garden but unfortunately it was a bit too late as many weeds have gone to seed and I’m spreading them as I pull them. Without my slave labor there is just too much to do. Actually, even with my slave labor there is too much to do. Need to think about how I can get things under control and then keep them that way.

Hard to believe that we are one-quarter of the way through the year. I need to get myself moving to keep on track to make some progress this year. I’m being called so I’ll sign off for now. Until next time – hope you are having a great day wherever you are.

Tidbit Tuesday

Just another unedited/sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Extended family time over the holiday. First was  a lovely visit with the boy, my Dad, my  Uncle, my cousin and my cousin’s wife. We hadn’t gotten together for awhile so it was nice to finally manage to do it.  Then there was the egg hunt/picnic with my Dad’s side of the family. As always, the food was fantastic and I ate too much. Finally we went out to my in-laws and had dinner on Sunday evening.

Need to get out in the garden but have not been motivated. Need to just pick a place and get started before the weeds start turning to seeds. It is nice to look out and see the hyacinths and daffodils. The winter aconite that I planted last fall didn’t do as well as I had hoped – only about half came up so far. Some of the bulbs are sprouting. Need to decide where to put the plants I ordered last fall. Don’t remember where I was going to put them so I need to come up with an idea now.

The hubby has finally decided he has had enough pain from his injury and he is going to have surgery this Friday. It will be at least one overnight stay perhaps two. Then two weeks at home and a total of four to six weeks of no driving. Hopefully this will alleviate/eliminate the pain he has been dealing with.

I have to admit that I am not looking forward to his recovery period.  The thought of having someone around all the time is not my idea of fun under the best of circumstances – I’m very introverted and really need my private time. On top of that we have been having some issues and  I wonder how we will manage this time. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Hope all is well in your part of the world, until next time – have a great day.

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