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Tuesday Tidbits

Just another sampling of the random thoughts running around in my head…

I’m wondering how other mom bloggers manage to post regularly during spring break. When my kids are home my schedule goes out the window and nothing gets done.

I’m enjoying the decluttered feel of the house – a benefit of hosting a get together for our church youth group.

I’m hoping that the cold and the rain move through so I can get to work in the garden. I especially need to get to work in my front sidewalk bed before the thorny weeds overtake the area.

I’m loving the look of my orchard since it was pruned by a fellow wordpress blogger, Chris Condello. He did a marvelous job and the area looks so much better. I do still need to dig up the dead cherry tree but everything else is leafing and blooming and looking great.

I’m trying to remember that the choices my 16 year old makes are not a reflection of me or my  attempts at training her to be an adult.

I’m trying not to soothe my worried mind with massive quantities of M&M candies(unfortunately I’m not being too successful with this one).

I’m thinking uncharitable thoughts about those people who think it is a good idea to require  fourth grade boys to do science fair projects.

I’m looking forward to Pilates class tonight and wishing I could/would make time for it more than just once a week.

I could go on but I need to get to work on the chicken so we can have dinner.

Have a great week everyone.



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