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Tidbit Thursday

Just another installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head…

It has been a bit rough here  – my uncle died, my daughter is struggling with a lot of things, the weather is all over the place,  too many activities going on at the same time, all the personal tax info to gather and the list goes on. I need to learn to keep myself on track when the unexpected pops up – definitely need to develop more skill in this area.

Lots to do to get the garden ready. Looks like some stuff did not make it through the extreme weather again this year. Need to clean up some areas and see what might come back up again this year. First up is to do some pruning, decide on what seeds to plant and do some transplanting.

Haven’t done any decorating for Easter and doesn’t look like I will get any done. Still need to get some stuff for the baskets. We will definitely do some egg dyeing/decorating during spring break.

It is science fair time again -yuck. Need to help DS find a project and then make sure that it actually gets done.

Hope Spring has arrived in your area bringing a breath of fresh air and a renewed desire to work towards your goals.

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