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Fitness Friday

Small loss this week.  Want to keep that going, I need to one more pound to be halfway to my original goal. It’s better than nothing but not as good as I would have liked.

Not sure how things will go now that my personal training sessions are over. I may try it again  after the holidays. It was definitely helpful and I learned a lot of things.

I’ve been walking but my leg is still hurting so I haven’t done as much as I would like. I hope it heals soon because I do want to keep doing some kind of exercise. It was gratifiying to lift heavier weights or do more reps but I’m still not into using weights.  Might try to use the hubby’s Nordic Flex – if I can figure out how without asking him!

See you next week

Fitness Friday

Well, much better this week. I’m not having any soreness and I have increased the number of reps or the weight load for each exercise. I lost some weight and the diet part has been okay. I’m not following it exactly but I am being more concsious of how much I eat.

I really like the trainer. She is very encouraging and it is easy to follow her instructions. She pushes me but not so hard that I want to quit.

The other two women are nice and also very encouraging. That makes things easy and comfortable.

Not sure how Thanksgiving will change the scale, but I’ll report back next week.

Friday Fitness

Extremely depressing evaluation at the fitnesss training session. I’ve gained weight and inches! I have a bodyfat percentage of 31. That is way too high. I definitely need to get serious. This is not healthy.

The workout was intense. My legs were  quivering at the end. I thought it would be my arms that would be sore but they did okay. We worked with free weights, machines, medicine balls and exercise balls.

We talked a little bit about nutrition and will be getting a diet plan to follow next week. The sample plan doesn’t look very good. No ice cream or chocolate! How will I survive without my sugar??

There are 2 other women – one who has been going to the gym for awhile and one who did this fitness session once before. Lisa. our trainer, is very good about individualizing the exercises for our different abilities.

Hopefully I’ll be less sore next week and see some progress on the scale.

Tuesday Tidbits

Random thoughts for today

My fitness class was postponed. Will find out tomorrow what it all entails. The instructor mentioned that some of my classmates are doing this for the second time. UGH – not what I wanted to hear. I need to remember that I’m there to learn and do better than I have been doing NOT to compare myself to anyone else.

I’ve been reading some great blogs lately. I just hope I can put what I’m reading into practice.

In order to say “yes” to something you have to say “no” to something else. I think this will be my thought to focus on throughout the holiday season.

There will be a birthday/slumber party here this week. Need to get supplies and make plans for the boy.

only  55 days until I turn 50!!

Be back again later in the wek

Tuesday Tidbits

Less than a week until I start my small group personal training sessions.  I’m really worried about how I will perform. I hope I’m not the only one who hasn’t done much weight work before this.

We had snow on Saturday. It looked very pretty but I’m not ready for fall to be done. There is still a lot to do in the garden.

Trick or Treat night was rainy and cool. Didn’t get as many visitors as we usually do. Kids got a lot of candy. I need to sort through it and take any caramel, gum  and other sticky stuff out. I took a quick look last night but didn’t see any Milk Duds -boo hoo.

I hope to update the declutter page sometime this week and try to get the book page up. We’ll see how I do managing my tasks.

Fitness Friday

Another week of the same. No movement on the scale, a little walking, no exercising and too much junk food. But there is only one more week of this because I did it – I registered for the course at the gym.

 I will start strength training on November 7th. 2 mornings a week for 4 weeks. I hope I don’t embarass myself too much. Working out with weights has never been a big draw for me but I need to do something and the price is right.

Since it is the last Friday of the month, I took my measurements. There was a quarter of an inch difference in a couple of spots. Hopefully there will be more this time next month. I just keep thinking “baby steps” and push onward. Eventually I will get there.

see you next time

Fitness Friday

A slight – very slight drop today.  I started walking again with friends from church. Our pace and terrain are more of a challenge than I normally do when I’m by myself. I tend to be a bit lazy when I’m by myself. I need someone to give me a push.

In fact, I might give myself an early birthday present and go to a personal trainer to help me get in shape before my birthday. I need to run the numbers and see if I can afford it. There is a place close by that is having small group sessions – twice a week for 4 weeks starting in November. I think it is time for me to get some help so I can really move forward towards my goal.

Guess that’s all for now – be back next week.

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