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Fitness Friday

Okay, I haven’t done one of these for awhile. Let me think about what I’ve done lately. I stepped away from the constant monitoring and worrying about weight gain/loss and haven’t been doing any regularly scheduled stuff.  Then there was the summer of Lyme Disease. As I got my energy back, I started doing some yoga and very minimal body weight type exercises.

Then we joined a gym and I started swimming. I have been enjoying the swims – I’m up to a total of 500 meters in 30 minutes. Right now I just go once across the pool(25 meters) then rest before doing it again. I’d like to start going for 50 meters/rest and see how I do. I  haven’t been lately so I may need to stick with the old stuff before trying this new idea. Although I have a tendency to not push myself so maybe I should try to do the new goal. I need to  serious about getting there at least once a week – I do feel good once I’m done but it is a struggle some days to get there.

I did get down to my goal weight but it has gone up again with the holiday related eating. I’m not stressing about it but I am trying to not going overboard with eating treats. I need to practice moderation. I will never be able to completely give up sweets but I can choose to limit myself and truly enjoy what I do choose to eat.

I am thinking about trying to do the 5 million step challenge again. Walking is relaxation, meditation, exercise and a form of self-care for me and I have missed it.  I have actually been researching the Fitbit as a tool to help me reach that goal.  Hopefully it will work better than the pedometers I’ve used in the past.

I need to head out to do some Christmas shopping so I’ll close for now. Have a great day.

Fitness Friday

Pounds to lose  –  10.6

Average steps per day – 11,856

At least I didn’t gain any weight this week. Only 11 days until boot camp. I am really getting nervous. I watched a video of a class and it looks like it will be intense. Hope I will be able to keep up with the pace.

Still having trouble with the pedometer. Haven’t yet decided what to do about it. Don’t want to keep buying new ones. It seems to be only registering about half of my steps but every once in awhile it seems to be correct. It is definitely annoying.  I know what my usual walks should be but the other walking I do is tough for me to gauge sometimes.

I should check my yearly total and see if I am near the 2 million mark. I think I should be. Ideally, I should be at 2.5 million or more seeing how we are near the middle of the year. I should be getting in some long walks now while it is nice. Once winter comes it will be tougher for me to get myself out there to walk.

The city pool has opened and I am hoping to get in some lap swimming at least once a week. Not sure how crowded the pool will be at those times. We’ll see next week I hope.

Fitness Friday

pounds to lose – 10.6

average steps  – 12,000/day

I’ve been having computer problems today, so I’ll make this short.

I’m having trouble with my pedometer again. It seemed like I should have more steps than I do lately. So today I checked my count after I walked DS to the school bus. It was way off. I checked the battery but it is still good. Don’t know what the problem is but I’m frustated and annoyed. Not sure what I’m going to do about this. Need to think about it before I make a decision.

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts floating around in my head today…

I decided to try out DH’s new toy – a battery tester. Discovered that all the pedometers needed to have new batteries. Got some for my first pedometer and went out for my walk. Still not tracking my steps correctly! So very frustrating.

I did get my hair cut but I’m not real happy with it. We talked about how I was coloring it and letting it grow long to keep my family happy. She thought the color and the length were okay but that it needed to be layered some to get rid of the bulkiness. I wish she had cut more off  the top layer, it is still at the awkward stage where it doesn’t do what I want it to do. I suppose I could have asked her to do it but by that time I just wanted to go home and have a good cry.

I always take a book with me in case I have to wait and I had the book  One Perfect Word by Debbie Macomber with me. The book tells how the author picks one word each year to study and focus on. The stylist commented on the book and soon we were talking about some of the words that the author had chosen. The stylist said that she had just done her first “dream board” and was finding things she had chosen to put on it coming true. That lead into a discussion about what my word/vision for me was. Well I didn’t really have one and that coupled with the whole discusssion about my hair made me very emotional.

I do feel like I have lost part of myself these past few years. I used to say I’d get back to doing things for me and my enjoyment when DS went to school. Well, he’s in second grade and I’m still just passing the days away.  I did come up with my six goals to reach by the time I’m sixty but they haven’t really given me the push to change  my daily routine.  I’m not sure what I really want but I do know it isn’t what I’ve got now.

Enough of this – I need to get moving. The laundry is calling. I’ll be back on Thursday.

Fitness Friday

I am so frustrated. I am now on my fourth pedometer since the beginning of the year. My DH got me one for Christmas and it worked well for about a month. After that it started to not count my steps correctly. First I thought it was the battery but that is not the problem. Next my DH got me another one – not as many bells and whistles but that’s okay. I just want to count my steps –  anything else is nice but definitely not necessary. On the third day of use, it disappeared. It must have been dislodged somehow  and is now lost. 

Earlier this week,  I bought a  different one, took it home and inserted the battery. Then I tried to get the cover back on. It will not click back on tightly which means that it won’t/can’t record. DH says why bother with it – just spend most of your day on your feet and the pounds will come off. I say I made a goal to try to reach 5 million steps by the end of the year – I want to be able to record my progress.

Let’s face it, I’ve been trying to lose weight for over a year with not a lot of success. I need to be able to see regular progress to have the motivation to continue this journey. Seeing the steps add up is rewarding for me. So, I go out and get my fourth pedometer and I am having trouble setting it up. I couldn’t get the stride length to change but I figured that doesn’t matter since I’m counting steps not distance. So I go for my walk and check my progress after a couple of blocks. Things look good so I’m happy. Then I get home and go to check my total. The screen goes blank and then it is back to zero. UGH!

Don’t know what to do next. Need to think about things for awhile and try to come up with a decision. I just don’t know what to think about this whole fiasco.

Anyway, here is the approximate total for last week – 59,643 steps. Definitely not near the 11,ooo per day that is my goal. Hopefully things will go better next week.

Also there was no change in my weight this week. Definitely need to change things up and get that scale moving back down again. Beautiful sunshine right now – I’m off to do some stuff out in the yard.

Have a great weekend everyone

Fitness Friday

I made it to my halfway point!! Now I just need to lose 6 more pounds and firm up a few areas. Of course the trick will be to not gain anything back over the holidays.

I am finding it easier to not eat quite as many sweets and to watch my portion sizes. I need to start focusing on the exercise part of the equation.  I’m still trying to find something I enjoy and will want to do on a regular basis.

I am going to order yet another pedometer. I can’t seem to keep these things but they are helpful in my effort to move around more during my day.

Need to get moving on my Christmas preparations. I’ll be back next week.

Fitness Friday

A teeny, tiny change on the scale. I now need to lose 9 pounds to reach my weight goal. That is a pound and a half each month or a third of a pound each week. If I get serious about things, I should be able to do it. It really is a small goal that should be easily achieved.

I’m looking for a way to monitor/record my daily information. I think that will help me to see where I goof up and how to get back into the riight groove. I’ve seen several things on line and some paper/pencil options. Not sure what would work best for me.

Didn’t get a pedometer yet. Need to put that on the list and get it done! Did walk 3 times this week at a cemetary near where the kids went to VBS. I think it was about 2 miles each day. Need to do it daily – make it a habit and don’t skip it.

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