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31 days toward completion – day 26

Went out in the garden even though it was pretty cold. When you have slave labor, you need to take advantage of it.  We pulled out some annuals and the last eggplant. Tomorrow we will cover that last veggie bed, do some weeding in the orchard and do some more cleaning up of the front border. DH didn’t have time to do the trees so far and I’m thinking it won’t get done until spring. That’s okay, I want to do some research before we choose what to put in there.

Remember 2 days ago, when I said I would browse the magazines or bring a book to read the next time I went to the library? Well, I failed. I took a book but instead I browsed the shelves and brought home 3 more books. I really have to get better at doing the things I say I should do. It is an on-going battle for me. I’ve been reading/hearing about passing up good for great and I know I should do it but when push comes to shove, I don’t. Anyone have some strategies that might help??

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