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TA DA/TA DIDN’T Thursday

Well, I did not get out the decorations and I did not finish my list. I just do not have the Christmas spirit this year. There is lots to do and I should get off the computer and do it. Instead I think I will take a nap. Perhaps I will be refreshed and ready to do something after that.

Hope you are doing better with your list.

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are today’s random thoughts …

I’m happy because DH is making dinner tonight – great v-day present for me.

I’m planning to get my hair cut/trimmed?? tomorrow at the Great Clips sale.

I’m wondering if I’m getting sick or just  suffering the effects of menopause. I’m having trouble sleeping because of  night sweats and  several awakenings every night. I’m hot and then cold can’t seem to find a happy medium. Took a 2 hour nap this morning but still feel yucky.

I’m hungry but not for anything I have in the house.

I need to do tax stuff but I really don’t want to. I do want to go back to bed.

Off to try to find something to eat and hopefully the energy to do something today.


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