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MUMday-214 down and 1286 to go

1500 b00k  challenge update

I have now read 214 books which means I have 1286 to go to reach my goal. This summer I have been reading quite a bit as I try to encourage DS to read also.

I have been trying to alternate between fiction and nonfiction. The fiction has mostly been mysteries. I do love to try and solve the mystery before the characters do. I have read quite a few first books in a number of new series and they have been quite enjoyable. I hope the authors will be able to keep things interesting and suspenseful.

I need to update my book page but I don’t have time for that today. Hopefully, I will get to it sometime this week. What have you been reading??

Tidbit Tuesday

Here’s the latest installment of the random thoughts running through my head…

I love walking out my door and being greeted by the lovely aroma of my peonies.

I love the taste of the first strawberry from my strawberry patch.

I love the look of my latest bouquet from the garden – yellow, white and purple irises.

I love a good mystery series – I just read the first installment of a new series about  a literary agency. It was really good and I can’t wait to read the next one.  The name of the book is  Buried in a Book and it was written  by Lucy Arlington.

I have read mystery series that revolve around a chef, a quilter, a dressmaker and a knitter. I like the way they blend information about those arts with the mystery story.

What do you like to read? I’m always interested in finding a new author to read. I hope you’ll share your favorites with me.

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