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Family Ties

I was all set to write a Fitness Friday post when the phone rang and I saw that it was my dad. I knew it wasn’t going to be good news – he had told me during our weekly call that my uncle was not doing well and that they had stopped giving him his meds. Sure enough my uncle died this morning and there arrangements are being made. He didn’t want a viewing so there may just be a funeral on Monday.

Now my dad is the only one of the “boys” left. There were 5 boys and 4 girls in the family. Now there is just him and 2 of his sisters. One of my uncles was killed in the Korean War – before I was even born. Another one I didn’t really know- my parents moved away from the rest of the family and this uncle was never around much when we did come to visit. He died when I was in my early teens. About 10 years ago the  other brother died. Then it was 2 of my aunts who passed away.

It is strange to realize that I haven’t actually  seen my uncle in a few years. I can remember growing up when we would see each other at least every Easter and summer.  We used to have great egg hunts in the backyard of my grandmother’s house. We would go to church and then come back and be herded into my aunt’s house until all the cousins showed up. We would find the eggs and then hide them again and again until lunch was ready. After lunch there would be games, goofing off and a walk through the cemetery.

Anyway, sometime over the years this uncle and his wife separated from the rest of the family and didn’t come around much. When my dad would come up to visit family, he would stay with one of his sisters. On the last day of his visit he would go and see my uncle and that’s about the only contact anyone had. It is sad when these things happen.  I’m feeling sad for my dad and his sisters, for my uncle’s wife and sons and their families. This is never an easy time but it helps to have good memories and people to share them with.

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