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Tidbit Tuesday

Here is a sample of what is floating around my head today…

The weather has been so unusual this year. Just came in from uncovering my berries and veggies – we didn’t get the snow that was forecasted. I’m enjoying the irises I cut – I didn’t want to lose the blooms, so I brought them in and put them in vases around the house.

I broke a tooth yesterday when I bit into my egg salad sandwich. I have some very old fillings that are now causing me problems. Luckily, the dentist bonded some plastic to it and I’ll go back later and get a crown.

Thankfully the dog bite is improving – the bruising is gone and there are just 2 small scabs.although there does seem to be a hard lump under the skin in 3 spots. I’m . Y not sure what they are. You can’t see anything but I can feel it when I touch the area.

Need to transplant DH’s lemon trees and hopefully it will warm up enough to start putting them outside.

Have to take DD to the eye doctor today. She wants to get contacts but she can’t stomach touching her eyes. We’ll see what they say.

Need to get stuff together for DS’s birthday. It is coming up fast and I haven’t done much yet.

Have a great day

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