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Tidbit Tuesday

My thoughts today  are centering on my hair. I never really wanted to dye my hair but I let myself get talked into doing it awhile back.  I dislike having to have it redone every few weeks – it seems like it doesn’t even last  4 weeks let alone 6 weeks. Plus I could certainly use the $$$ for something more enjoyable(like, a massage, some good books or a lot of chocolate!).

DD wanted to dye her hair and asked me to think about dying with henna.  I looked into it and thought it might be an option to try. Although I was a bit reluctant – how would I duplicate what my colorist does? how would my hair react to the henna? how long should I leave it in(there are so many opinions and I don’t know what to think)?

Finally I  broke down and did it.  Not really sure how I feel about the  results. My gray/white/silver hairs  are now looking more orange than the red I was hoping for. DD said I look Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter movies – not the look I was hoping for. It just doesn’t look natural to me, which was what I was afraid of.

Now I’m seriously thinking about just letting everything grow out and go natural, whatever that may turn out to be. Who cares if people think I’m my kids grandmother instead of their mother. I don’t care if people know that I am an “older” mom. I don’t think I want to deal with all the mess and cost of this stuff anymore.

DD thinks I should just try the brown and see how it goes but I’m not sure. I’ll give it some time and then decide. Plus, I’m thinking about chopping it off and going short again. I wish I could find a style that I was satisified and then be able to just stick with it. The problem with that is I hate dealing with it at all.

Enough of this – I need to get some work done. See you Thursday.

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