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31 days to completion – day 30

Another gorgeous day here today. Hoping that it will last through tomorrow evening for the trick or treaters. I did some more weeding and cleaning up in the garden. It is looking pretty good out there.

I added another 30 books to the challenge list. It has been interesting to go through the history and see the books I’ve read. A bit sad to see how many I don’t really remember that much about. I once read an article whose author stated that it can be more helpful to limit the number of self-help books you read and to read them over and over. By doing this you are more likely to actually incorporate what you are reading into your actual habits. At the time I thought that wouldn’t really be true but now I wonder. What do you think? Please share if you have any thoughts.

February Update and March Goal

Well I did okay with the February goal but I had trouble getting out of bed in the morning. I did my night time routine – no tv/computer after 9pm, bath and reading- 26 out of 28 nights. I was in bed before 10pm on 25 nights out of 28. However I only got up and moving by 6am on 11 out of 28 days.

I’m not sure what to do to get myself out of bed in the morning. It is just dark and cold and I’d rather stay in bed. Hopefully with Spring coming it will get easier to get out of bed in the morning.

I probably should work on adding some kind of exercise to my day or sticking to a maximum daily calorie count but I’m not ready nfor the kind of commitment. Instead I’ve decided to work on something else that will improve my health, drinking water. Almost everyone recommends that you get at least 64 ounces of water a day. I’m lucky if I get 32 ounces each day and since I don’t drink anything else, I’m sure my body needs more liquids. I decided to try to increase by one glass each week.

After the weekend I’ve realized that I need to have some kind of plan to help me get into the habit of drinking more than just a few sips here and there. I have a hard time trying to drink a full 8 ounce glass at one time. I’ve been using a five ounce glass and can usually finish it off with my meals. Now I need to add it to snack and other times to get my total up where I want it to be.

What’s your goal for this month??

My ONE WORD Update

As I mentioned last month, I have chosen to focus on one word this year. My word is HEALTH. In January I focused on my sleeping habits. The goal was to have a relaxing routine that prepared me for bed by 10 pm each night so that I could wake refreshed and ready to go at 6 am each morning.
In some respects it was a success – I did make it to bed by 10pm 23 out of 31 days and I spent 8 hours in bed 26 days. However, there were only 6 days that I woke up refreshed and ready to go. I did awaken by 6 am 23 days but for most of those days, I laid in bed listening to the radio and huddling under the covers.

My quality of sleep was not good and I need to do better at preparing for bed. I still need to be consistent in doing a relaxing routine before bed. Also I need to make some adjustments to my bedroom in terms of light coming in the room.

This month I will continue with developing the prebed routine. There will be no computer or tv after 9 pm, I will take a bath or shower and read a bit before heading off to bed for the night. I have some material to make coverings for the windows and hope to get DH to trim the doors. Otherwise I will have to move his chair so when he reads at night I’m not bothered by the light.

How did you do with your January goal??

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Last week we had temperatures in the low teens with windchills taking them down to the single digits and today it is in the upper 50’s – who knows what this is doing to my bulbs and perennials in the garden.

I’m thinking about a goal for February. It will be between drinking more water, doing some kind of exercise or something to do with my eating habits. I need all of them but I’m just going to pick one.

Have done a lot of reading but it has been mostly rereading of  treasured books. Need to get moving on my reading list – I haven’t updated it in months. Also need to update my financial records and see where we are.

Hope you are up to something fun today.


Fitness Friday

Oh, how I hate writing this entry. I completely bombed with my 100 day challenge to end the year. I did not do the things I was supposed to. I ate too much and ended up weighing more than when  I started last January.

This year I am focusing on my health.  I will improve my health by developing and maintaining consistent small steps/actions/choices in various areas.  I am still trying to get down to my goal weight and need to lose 7.4 pounds. My weight loss goal will be one pound per month.

Each month I will pick one area to focus on and as I said yesterday, I will be working on the area of sleep this month. I continue to see new research findings that link good sleep to various factors of weight gain/loss.  I also know that I function much better when I am getting enough sleep. I have disrupted my patterns over the last few years and I need to get my good habits back.

What are you going to focus on this year? Anyone care to share their plans?? Have a great weekend.

Happy 2013

Another beginning – a new year, new goals, new starts – where to begin, what to focus on?? So many things to think about. There are so many things that I have been reading and thinking about. So many different ways to create/plan/implement your goals/resolutions/projects – how can a person choose what path to take??

After reading lots of other people’s ideas and reviewing and evaluating what I attempted to do last year, I have decided to go with the One Word plan with a monthly focus. My word for this year is Health. I want to improve my physical, emotional/mentaland spiritual health. Each month I will focus on developing a certain area and hopefully by the end of the year I will be healthier in a variety of ways.

For January, I am going to focus on developing good sleep habits. This will involve some changes in my sleeping environment and creating and maintaining good sleep routines. I want to stop using my room for reading, writing and other such stuff. It should be a room for sleeping, relaxing and spending time with my DH. I want it to be dark, quiet and cool at night.

I need to develop good routines.  I want to get to bed at a decent time after enjoying a relaxing preparation routine. I want to commit and follow through with being in bed before 10 pm every single night. I want to get out of bed by 6am everyday. I need to stop the snooze button and just get up and moving.

That will be my focus for this month. Do you have a word for the year? Have you made some resolutions/goals. I’d love it, if  you would share them.


Measure up Monday – How am I doing on my goals??

This week I’m looking at my progress towards 5 million steps by December 31, 2012 and the picture is not pretty. I have gone a total of 3,670, 719 steps so far this year. That averages out to 12154 steps per day. It also means that I have 1,329,281 steps to go. With only 63 days left in the year, I would need to do 21,200 steps everyday to make my target. I just don’t think that will happen.

When I started, I figured that January, February, November and December would have low totals due to weather restraints. I thought I would be able to make up for it with longer daily walks through spring, summer and fall. Instead I injured my knee during boot camp which set me back and I haven’t been able to  recover any ground.

I can definitely make it to 4 million and I think I can hit 4.5 million. I will keep trying to hit 5 million but it will be a stretch to get there. It was a stetch goal for me and overall I am pleased with my progress. I know I would have done much less without the challenge.

I may try to do some mall walking now that the weather is getting so yucky. I don’t like to do that – it means unnecessary driving and it brings temptation into my day – but I do like the way I feel after I walk.

Hope you manage to stay warm and safe during this stormy time.

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