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Tidbit Tuesday

Just another sloppy/unedited edition of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

Another sunshine filled day although it is supposed to get cold again. I’m headed out later to enjoy the sun and warmth before that happens.

It is very hard to type when the cat is trying to help. Marco likes attention and he makes sure you give it to him. He is getting a bit better at getting off the counter when I tell him to which is an improvement – before I would have to chase him and put him down but now he is jumping down when he hears me yell.

Just noticed that Matthew left his flash drive plugged into the computer – that will make it hard for him to work on his project in school today. We need to get better at making sure that he puts it in his backpack when he finishes working.

March 1st – a new month – time to check my progress and set some new goals.

  1.  I did very well with my step goal of 8500steps/day – only missed it once and got my average for the year up to 9000/day. My goal for this month is 9500 steps/day.
  2.  I didn’t do as well with my sleeping at least 7 hours a night goal. I only made that 19 out of 29 days. I need to do a better job of getting to bed before ten pm from Sunday through Thursday. I can sleep a little later on weekends but during the work week I have to be up at 5:40am. Need to work on wrapping up my evening activities earlier which means I need to stop reading in the tub. I always say I’ll just read one chapter but that usually turns into two or three.
  3. I started off doing well with the cleaning but have slacked off lately. It should get back on track as I prepare for the Progressive Dinner  for members of our church. We are the first stop and I’m trying to get things ready for company.  One other benefit of the dinner is that it lit a fire under hubby who cleared out massive amounts of stuff that had been stored in our upstairs. Since we are still in the process of renovating the house, the upstairs has been the storage space for all the stuff we’re not sure what we want to do with as well as the hubby’s personal “I might need/want this some day” space.
  4. I did not get new bras – there were two lingerie stores that I had hoped to visit but they both went out of business.  I’m not really the Victoria’s Secret type of shopper. I’m not looking for “pretty” or “sexy” and I don’t like underwire at all. I just want something that will hold the girls up and not cost a fortune. However, it has been a long time and I really think I should get a proper fitting so I get the right size. Anyone have any recommendations for me?? Please leave a comment if you do. Thanks
  5. I did order new glasses. The exam was quick and easy and I went with a pair for reading and a pair for driving. Of course two days after I ordered them, I found the long lost pair of glasses at my husband’s shop. I was sure I had lost them at a church event and never even considered looking for them at the shop. Apparently my hubby thought a customer had left them and had them in a drawer. He was cleaning things out and put them on the bookshelf where I found them and thought they looked familiar. Oh well, now I’ll have a spare just in case anything happens to the new ones.

New goals for March will be

  1.  9500 steps/day
  2.  Be in bed by 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and no later than 11 pm Friday and Saturday
  3. Get house cleaned up for Progressive Dinner
  4. Get new bras
  5. Continue reading books from my shelf – trying to get through the 200+ that I have accumulated

What are your goals for March? Have you been working on a word for the year? Let me know in the comments. Until next time, have a wonderful day.


Tidbit Tuesday

Just another unedited/sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

The plan was to go shopping for new glasses today but that got postponed when school was closed due to icy conditions. We’ll try again next week – yes “we” – I made plans to go with a friend because I need someone to help me follow through. I make plans but the follow through is hit or miss so I’m trying to get help wherever I can.

Yesterday I spent over 3 hours at the hospital with the boy. He decided he wants to try out for the school soccer team and he needed a physical. The school provided a physical during which he told the examiner that he coughs, has shortness of breath and chest pains when he exercises. She calls me to ask about it and I’m clueless because I’ve never seen that happen and he has never said anything. She says it is probably exercise induced asthma but could possibly be a heat problem. There are new guidelines in place and in order for him to be cleared for sports he will have to have an exam with a pediatric cardiologist. So we head to Childrens Hospital. While there, I discover that this has been going on for several years and he has said nothing about it!  They find nothing wrong during the EKG but want to do another test, the Transthoracic Echo. That shows no problem so he is cleared for sports. Next we have to see if he is just out of condition or has exercise induced asthma. There is never a dull moment with this boy.

I may be headed back to the dentist soon. I’m afraid I might  crack a tooth with all the clenching and grinding I’m doing lately. The cat is constantly jumping on the counters and  I’m finding myself yelling at him to get down and then either clenching my jaw or grinding my teeth as I go to get him and move him away. The hubby says to spray him with water but it just seems cruel. Anyone out there have a successful method for keeping the cat off the counter??

I had a little excitement here when I set a couple of corn tortillas on fire while trying to toast them in my toaster oven. I wasn’t thinking and opened the door to get them out and of course that really caused them to flare up. I couldn’t get to the fire extinguisher because of the flames and ran upstairs to get one from up there. By the time I got it out of the box and got back downstairs the fire was almost out and there were a couple of piles of ashes to clean up.

All in all, it has been quite interesting around here. Hope all is good in your neck of the woods. Until next time, have a great day.

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